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My Brother Sam Is Dead - Salome

No description


on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of My Brother Sam Is Dead - Salome

My Brother Sam Is Dead
James Lincoln Collier Christopher Collier
Vocabulary and Definitions
1.Meddle: To busy one self intrusively or officiously.
2.Constitute: To make up or to form and compose.
3. Vile: To be evil or immoral.
4.Privial: When the truth revels.
5.Militia: A gruop of citizens who help in case of an imargency and have a little bit of military training.
6. Gavdy: Too showy and too bright.
7. Treason: The offense of tempting to overthrow the government.
8. Subversion: A systematic attempt to overthrow the government.
9. Agitator: A person who stirs up others in order to upset the saddens quot.
10.Muzzle: The opend end of a weapon.
4 important characters
1. One important character in my book is Tim because hi is the one who tells the story (his point of view.)and talks about his brother.
2. Another important character in my book would be Sam, because he goes to war and fights as a soldier.
3. Another character we could count important would Betsy bacause she sent letters to Sam and sam sent letters to betsy.
4. One important character in the book will also be Life because he has a lot to do with the book and Sam.
The setting happens in many different places but it is mostly in Redding, where Tim and his family live and where Sam was at the beginning of the story. When you keep reading more the book, there will be more and different settings where all the characters spread a little bit apart from the family. Some of them even died.
Summary of the Book
This book is about the life of two boys who live in the american revoulution time. Sam, the older brother, is against the british and is fighting for freedom. in the other side, his father does not care about the taxes and is a patriot. Tim, who is the younger brother does not know in which side he's on and through out the book they will explain he's thoughts of war and in which side he will be in.
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