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Geothermal Energy Group version

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Jason Feng

on 18 December 2010

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Transcript of Geothermal Energy Group version

What is Geothermal energy and where does it come from ? Geothermal comes from the Greek word geo, meaning earth, and thermos, meaning heat
Source of energy involving the use of the Earth’s heat
This heat comes in the form of steam (superheated fluid) which is heated by hot rock and magma under the Earth’s surface Time Line Early History: The Ancient Romans used geothermal heating to heat their water in their bathhouses for centuries. In Iceland and in New Zealand many people used geothermal heating to cook their food. 1860: Energy that came from hot springs began to be used for homes and bath houses in the United States of America. Prehistory: The use of geothermal energy can be traced all the way back to the time of the cave men. People first started using geothermal energy when they gathered at hot springs to take pleasure in warmth from the earth. 1904: Italian scientists Priro Ginori conti invented the first grothermal electric power plant 1946: First ever geotherml heat pump installed in a building. How Is It Harnessed? First, holes are drilled in the ground, through which production well tubes are placed
The steam from usually hot rock or water makes its way up from the tubes into a well
The purified steam enters a turbine (which activates electric generators)
Finally, electricity is produced What are some of the Uses? Source of electricity
Direct use of heat
Indirect use of heat
Aquaculture and horticulture

What is it? Total Conversion Plan for Tokyo Benefits Clean and renewable
Process of generating Geothermal energy is very environmentally friendly
Less expensive than other forms of energy Disadvantages Only specific locations are appropriate for building a Geothermal energy plant
This can be economically damaging to many companies What is the Heating Capacity? Energy Needs and Cost Tokyo needs 110 billion kwh of power per year to run Reliability: Geothermal energy is not one of the most reliable sources of energy, as mentioned before
Numerous wells should be drilled to serve as back-ups ($5 million each) How Will We Use Geothermal Energy to Power all of Tokyo?
Adopting Geothermal energy will ensure a healthy environment for Tokyo's numerous life forms
Current sources of energy (such as coal) cause a lot of harm to the environment (contribute to global warming) Environmental Impact hermal Energy

Three large Geothermal plants surrounding Mount Fuji will be built ($50 million each)
Will supply electricity for homes, offices and schools through the electric power grid and connecting cables
Vehicles will be powered using electricity produced for Geothermal energy (will cost total of $10.4 billion)
Each house, building and school will need a heat pump (varied sizes; total of $825 billion to install these heat pumps) Transmission Generated electricity is transmitted through "electric power grid"
Heat pumps directly transport the heat for its intended use (for example to heat up a building) Storage Doesn't need to be stored
Can be generated all the time no matter how the weather is Transportation Fuels Geothermal energy can’t be used for transportation fuels (not portable)
Not strong enough to run the motor of a vehicle Ge Geothermal energy is compleatly free when it comes to heating
Home owners must have a heat pump installed in their homes
At this moment $6 billion per year is required to run Tokyo in terms of energy ONLY $4 billion !!!!! If ? If you want further information on Geothermal energy, you should visit:
http://www.darvill.clara.net/altenerg/geothermal.htm Recommended Sites
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