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Brisbane is located in Queensland near the north-East coast

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Edan Davidson

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Brisbane is located in Queensland near the north-East coast

Brisbane’s original people were from the Jagera and Turrbal aboriginal tribes
Matthew flinders visited Moreton Bay in 1799
Brisbane was first set up as a British convict colony 1824
The River that runs through Brisbane was named after; Sir Thomas Brisbane, who was Governor of New South Wales at the time
Brisbane was opened for free settlement in 1834
Brisbane was proclaimed a council in 1859.
Brisbane became the capital of Queensland in the same year
Brisbane became a city officially in 1902
Brisbane joined with South-Brisbane to become the City of Greater Brisbane in the 1920’s
Today, Brisbane is the 3rd largest city in Australia with a population of 2.38 million
Brisbane is located in South-East Queensland near the North-East coast of Australia. It is on the Brisbane river, 19 kilometers west of Moreton Bay.

Pull Factors
• Brisbane has a warm climate
• Good access to Beaches
• Tourist attractions
• Short drive to the city of Gold Coast, home of Queensland's Theme Parks
• The Brisbane River is Beautiful at night

Push Factors
• Can get very hot and humid in summer
• No daylight saving
• Lots of mosquitoes
• You can catch the Ross River Virus from mosquitoes
• Rains a lot in summer

Tourist attractions
Queensland Art Gallery
State Library of Queensland
Museum of Brisbane
The Wheel of Brisbane
Fort Lytton National Park
This is one of Australia's most important Art galleries
Glass House Mountain
In 2006 the State Library of Queensland was moved next to the Gallery of Modern Art on Brisbane's South Bank
The Gallery of Modern Art
This is the most visited public art gallery in Australia
Fort Lytton is Australia's only surviving 19th centuy fortress
The wheel of Brisbane stands 60 metres tall, lighting up the South Bank Skyline and River with thousands of LED lights at night, giving a great landmark for tourists.
The Glass House Mountains is a popular National Park for Bush Walkers to go hiking in.
The Museum of Brisbane won the award for best permanent exhibition for The River at the Museum & Galleries National Awards (MAGNA2014)
Brisbane has a sub-tropical climate that is mild in winter and very warm and humid in summer
Thank you.
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