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Lord of the Flies: Leadership and Political Organization

English Project

Alex Ruffo

on 14 April 2018

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies: Leadership and Political Organization

Laissez-faire is a state of political organization in which the people govern themselves, making everyone equal in terms of power and therefore there is no official leader either. Because of the lack of a leader, the side effects of having a laissez-faire government is that things will get done slower than if there was a government or leader pushing people to get things done. Another side effect is that some things also won't get done as while people may decide to do them, they may end up in the end deciding that the end result is not worth the effort.
The final state of political organization is a
dictatorship, which is a form of government in which absolute power is concentrated in a dictator or a small clique. With Jack making all the decisions and controlling all the savages, while attempting to control Ralph's group as well.
Political Organizations and Leadership in the Lord of the Flies
By: Alex, Dimitrije, Janet, Armon
On the island, there were three main government types: Laissez-faire, democratic, and dictatorship. Throughout the time they were on the island, the continuous struggle between power and order shapes and creates the various political organizations found on the island.
The desire for power corrupts the leaders and changes the state of political organization throughout the Lord of the Flies from Laissez-Faire to Democratic, then to Dictatorship
" 'Grab them!' No one
moved. Jack shouted
angrily. 'I said grab them!' "
In the Lord of the Flies, a laissez-faire political structure is present on the island up until the point where the boys decide to have a vote, and then they vote on chief. Up until this point, there was no leader and while the boys may have followed Ralph`s decisions, they were doing so out of their own free will, without any one person telling them what to do. This peaceful mindset of whatever, whenever was not present on the island for very long, and yet while it was the political organization in place, the people using it were still good.
"'Aren't there any grown ups?'
'No.' Merridew sat down on a trunk and looked round the circle.
'Then we'll have to look after ourselves.'" (22)
The second type of political organization is a democratic government set up by the boys. A democracy is a government that was set up by the people to create fair laws and rules to prevent chaos. In a democracy, the people vote for a leader. The leader is then inaugurated into power. He has the power to proclaim laws if he has the backing of the people. In a democracy, people are expected to obey the laws unlike in a laissez-faire state of political organization.
Jack takes control
over the boys
forcefully through fear
Jack then eradicates the
opposition led by Ralph
because he sees them
as a threat to his power.
“All right. Who wants Jack for chief?’

With dreary obedience the choir raised their hands.

‘Who wants me?’

Every hand outside the choir except Piggy’s was raised immediately. [...] Ralph counted.

‘I’m chief then.” (24)
Jack proceeds to seize control
and ignore all the cries and
suggestions of the other boys
and orders them around.
An example of Laissez-Faire is the UK. In the 1860's, the UK was dominant because of this form of government. They developed their own good habits of self-reliance, but when they received help, they got corrupted.
Another place that has Laissez-Faire as a form of government is Norway.
In a democracy, both parties try to appeal to the public to get votes, much like Jack and Ralph.
The Danish government is a good example of Laissez-Faire. The Danish people are allowed to smoke marijuana and do other things we consider illegal, and the government does nothing about it
A science project can have a Laissez-Faire type of organization. Everyone is assigned a part and goes ahead to do their work. They would ask each other for help but no one takes full control of everything.
Winston Churchill is most noted for his excellent leadership of Britain during WWII. Like Ralph, Winston Churchill was elected by the majority of the people. Furthermore, both Ralph and Winston were leaders in a time of need. During the 1940’s WWII was taking place and Britain was losing the war. However, with Winston’s excellent morale speeches and his trademark slogan “Keep Calm and Carry On”, Britain managed to turn the tide on the war. Ralph was also a leader in a time of need as the boys had just crashed on the island and none of them knew what to do. He was elected and then he managed to create a thriving society.
The American Government is also a form of democracy which, like on the island, is being battled for by two parties: the Democrats and the Republicans.
Another example of representative democracy is Canada. The current prime minister is Steven Harper, a member of the Conservative Party, and he won the May 2011 election which gave the party a majority government. The official opposition is the New Democratic Party (NDP).
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