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Elements of Plot

No description

Angela Spencer

on 10 August 2014

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Transcript of Elements of Plot

Elements of Plot

Rising Action
The events that hook you into the story and create the conflict or problem that needs to be solved.
A conflict is presented and a problem needs to be resolved. There are two types of conflict: internal and external.
Often the most suspenseful part of the story; also called the turning point. The characters solve a problem, discover something, or make a change.
The information the author
gives to set up the story. It
includes the
, sets up the
and introduces us to the main
of a story.
Falling Action
The events that happen before
the story is ready to end.
How the story ends, wraps up,
and is resolved.
Some stories do not have a resolution. When the author writes in this way it is called a cliffhanger. The reader has to make inferences as to how the story might be resolved.
Every narrative story has a real or implied
theme that gives a lesson about life. The
word moral is a synonym for theme.
Sometimes the theme is directly stated and sometimes it is inferred, meaning that the reader has to make an inference.
The purpose of the setting is to create a conflict for the characters, to provide background for the story, or to create understanding of the characters and the conflict that will arise.
Characters can be struggling with internal
or external conflict.
internal: vs. self
External: vs. Society
External: vs. nature
Sometimes the setting is the conflict!
What is the climax in this movie trailer?
The cliffhanger in this movie sets lets the
viewer know there is another one coming.
Identify the elements of a story using the following video clip:
March of the Penguins.

Theme, conflict, setting, characters, climax, resolution.
Rising Action: Movie Montage
Resolution: Pay it Forward
This video is called a
hook. Hooks come at the beginning of stories to create interest.
by Angela Spencer
Elements of Plot
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