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Harry Potter

No description

Tiana Tran

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Harry Potter

Harry Potter
Meeting with the Mentor
The Ordinary World
Call to Adventure
Allies and Helpers
Harry's Allies and helpers are Ron and hermione. They help him with a lot of things. They are in the same house, gryfynndor, so they spend a lot of time with each other. Also, hermione is smart, so she helps the others study.
The Road of Trials

Entering the Unknown
When harry is at hogwarts, he meets professor mcgonagall, snape, albus dumbldore, and other teachers. He learns magic and becomes friends with hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.
By Tiana and Vaishnavi
The Magic Flight
Confronting the Father

- the hero's journey
Harry Potter is living with his stubborn uncle vernon, rude aunt petunia, and his very babyish cousin, Dudley. (Evil Lord Voldemort killed his parents when he was little. when Voldemort struck Harry, he didn't die, but got a scar on his forehead). His Aunt and uncle tortured him by giving him a cupboard to live in, very little food, and no care.
uncle vernon
Aunt Petunia
Harry asks his uncle to drop him at platform 9 3/4, But it wasn't there. Uncle Vernon just left harry at platform 9. After a while, harry saw a lady with many children walking by. he overheard them talking about going to hogwarts and asked to go with them. That's when harry met ron weasley.

Hogwarts school for witches and Wizards learn magic and potions and spells.

Harry has completed his first year at Hogwarts. He is looking forward to the summer. Now that Harry is home he is ready to play tricks with his cousin Dudley.

Play Quiditch. Earn points in a house. Learn magic.Have fun! Become a stronger wizard.
Act 1: Separation

Act 2: Initiation and

Act 3: The Return

At Hogwarts, harry, ron, and hermione find a three-headed dog, help each other catch a dragon, and sneak out at night in and invisibility cloak. Harry also has to face evil lord voldomort.
Harry returns home after his first year at hogwarts. He says goodbye to ron and hermione, and gets picked up by his uncle vernon. After going through many things like facing the three headed dog and voldemort, Harry has many plans for the summer!
When Harry is sneaking out at night, he sees dumbledore, and dumbledore gives harry advice. Dumbledore is his mentor.
Right before harry goes home, he faces voldemort. He battles quirrell, the body voldemort is in.


Restoring the World
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