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cristiano Ronaldo

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of BMW - CSR

A presentation by Tamer Abbas & Jan Schulte BMW - Corporate Social Responsibility Structure Corporate Goals CSR Success and Responsibility Sustainability History of BMW Criticism Conclusion History of BMW Corporate Goals Success and Responsibility Sustainability Criticism Conclusion Thank you for
your AttentIon - established in 1917 - was a aircraft manufacturing - switched to production of car engines - logo originated from the blue and white colors of the flag of Bavaria - started the production of aircraft engine again and failed - in 1959 BMW was in financial difficulties - managed to return and have been more successful - in June 2012, BMW was listed as the #1 most respected and serious company in the world - success and responsibility belong together - important are environment, economy and social aspects - take into account what will happen with their products - try to protect their cars - pay attention on security - customers and employees are important too - workplace-safety - pay above-average salaries - regular surveys - sustainable operations to reach their goals - sustainability a real challenge - integrate it in the company structure - BMW will benefit from that - have to think and act considered - develop sustainable products - focus in on the consumer - satisfaction of the consumer - offer more products than other brands - cooperation between production, distribution and logistics - research on several locations - sustainable trade - participation on environmental program - precious resources (like water, energy and used materials) - BMW has almost no criticism - they protect their image - are known for temporary work - has negative aspects for the workers - negative aspects are good for BMW - temporary workers have a chance to be permanently employed - successful company - good image - they take care - think egoistic temporary workers - almost no criticism
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