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DB Cooper Prezi

No description

Bethany Townley

on 24 July 2017

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Transcript of DB Cooper Prezi

Template by Missing Link
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The Crew of Flight 305
Pilot, Capt. William Scott, 51, a 20-year Northwest veteran
First Officer Bob Rataczak
Flight Engineer H.E. Anderson
Flight attendant, Tina Mucklow
Flight attendant, Florence Schaffner

Each of the last four had less than 24 months of experience.
What went down...
A former airline employee, looked very
similar to the composite sketch the FBI
had done by eye witnesses.

Discrepancies between Kenneth Christiansen and D.B. Cooper:
Kenneth has hazel eyes D.B. Cooper had brown eyes as reported by the witnesses.
Kenneth was 5’8” in height D.B. Cooper was reported as 5’10” to 6’ in height
Kenneth was 150 lbs D.B. Cooper was reported as around 175-180 lbs
Kenneth had a normal white complexion D.B. Cooper was reported as having dark or olive skin coloring

(Kenny was ruled out as a suspect by FBI in 2007
Kenny Christiansen
DB Cooper
By: Bethany Townley

D.B. Day Background
“..... on Thanksgiving Eve 1971, a dank, chilly day in the American Northwest. At 4 o'clock that Wednesday afternoon, a man wearing a modest businessman's suit stepped to the Northwest Orient counter at Portland International Airport and paid $20 cash for a one-way ticket to Seattle-Tacoma Airport.” (Krajicek)

He looked to be about 45 years old and gave the name Dan Cooper.

DB Himself
Roughly 45 years old
A fit 6-footer who weighed perhaps 175 pounds
He wore a dark suit and tie and a white shirt with a pearl tie tack.
Like so many other males of that day, he wore a felt homburg hat with a dented crown and narrow brim.
He had brown eyes, short brown hair and no whiskers
He carried a briefcase and a dark raincoat

(FBI Special Agent Larry Carr has pointed out that “Dan Cooper” was the name of a French comic book character of the 1960’s - a Royal Canadian Air Force test pilot who was once depicted parachuting out of his plane.) (World's)
Ticket agent Hal Williams gave Dan Cooper aisle seat 18C on flight 305 that was scheduled to depart at 4:35pm that evening
Shortly after takeoff Cooper handed a note to the flight attendant by the name of Flo Schaffner, who disregarded the note and stuck it in the front pocket of her uniform
The next time she passed by seat 18C, Cooper grabbed her arm and told her to read the note because he had a bomb.
The attendant took it to the galley and read it then showed it to fellow attendant Tina Mucklow. Hurrying to the cockpit they gave the note to pilot William Scott who phoned air traffic control, who then called the local police who contacted the FBI.
DB’s demands and simple instructions were met by the airlines President.
$200,000 in cash
two sets of parachutes (two backpacks and two chest packs)
Land at Sea-Tac to pick up then take off again
He then used the flight attendant's cabin phone to give the cockpit personnel instructions on how and where to fly. He ordered an altitude not to exceed 10,000 feet, with wing flaps set at 15 degrees and airspeed of no more than 150 knots. Cooper warned the pilot he was wearing a wrist altimeter to monitor the altitude. At Cooper's moment of truth, the plane was traveling at slightly faster than his mandated airspeed—170 knots, or about 195 mph
Cooper took the leap and was never heard from again.
Brad Meltzer's Decoded
A few of the suspects...
Duane Weber
L.D. Cooper
FBI Details
They've even published details including an artist’s impression of what the daring thief would look like today, if he is still alive
Marla Cooper has come forward saying her uncle LD Cooper was DB Cooper, this caused the FBI to open the casee after 40 years. “She recalled being 8 years old and hearing her two uncles making suspicious plans at her grandmother’s Oregon home near where D.B. Cooper jumped.” (International Business Times)
Marla Cooper also said she has vivid memories of her father and uncles' conversation, and remembers them returning home on Thanksgiving morning. Her Uncle L.D., she said, "was wounded."

DNA found on the tie of hijacker D.B. Cooper does not match LD Cooper however, despite the failed link, he"has not been ruled out as a suspect," FBI Special Agent Frederick Gutt said.
“In March 1995, a Florida antique dealer named Duane Weber lay dying of polycystic kidney disease in a Pensacola hospital. He called his wife, Jo, to his bed and whispered: ‘I'm Dan Cooper.’ Jo, who had learned in 17 years of marriage not to pry too deeply into Duane's past, had no idea what her secretive husband meant. Frustrated, he blurted out: ‘Oh let it die with me!’ Duane died 11 days later.” (Pasternak)
His wife thought nothing of it until May 1996, when she checked out a book from her local library about DB Cooper, that's when she contacted FBI. She found the similarities between a picture of her late husband at a younger age and the FBI’s sketch of the criminal to be very close in appearance. One reason to like Duane Weber as a suspect is his hair
Agents took forensic samples from Duane, such as hair from his razor. Once the partial DNA sample was discovered on the tie in 2007, agents ruled Duane out, despite Jo's shrill frustration about the quality of the sample
"While the bureau believes DB Cooper -- known otherwise as Dan Cooper-- died during the heist, investigators are still keen to close the case." (Neil)
Duane Weber

L.D. Cooper

Kenny Christiansen
Details she gave the FBI were very in depth and can’t be ruled out as false. he and her other uncle and father left the day before thanksgiving and returned that next morning. Her uncle was badly hurt and there are even medical records from the hospital he was taken to, to prove his injuries. Marla says it was there that her dad told her what really happened and swore her to secrecy.
Meltzer, Brad, Scott Rolle, Christine McKinley, and Buddy
Levy. "Brad Meltzer's Decoded: DB Cooper." Brad
Meltzer's Decoded: DB Cooper. A&E Television Networks. 6 Jan. 2011. Television.
“Federal investigators have checked more than 1000 leads since the suspect bailed out on November 24, 1971, over the Pacific Northwest.” (Townsville Bulletin)
“Authorities consider it likely that Cooper launched himself from the aft stairs, into a hard rain and below-zero temperatures, without any survival gear. Manhunts scouring the approximate area where the jump would have occurred in the following months discovered no trace of the hijacker.”(World’s)
FBI evidence
Two pieces of confirmed evidence also have appeared on the ground since the hijacking: a placard blown off the aft stairwell was found in 1978, and an eight-year-old boy stumbled upon $5,880 worth of decaying $20 bills from the ransom loot near the mouth of the Columbia River in 1980. (World's)
The items he left behind on the plane - cigarette butts, a clip-on tie, and the ransom note - have yielded some DNA, fingerprint, and handwriting evidence.

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Suspect." International Business Times Aug. 0008: Regional Business
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Townsville Bulletin (2011): 15. Newspaper Source. Web. 24 Apr. 2013.
Works Cited
There are many possibilities and explanations for this case which is still
unsolved. I believe DB Cooper survived the jump. And at first I thought it was Kenny Christiansen but since I did my research I’m leaning more toward Marla Cooper’s uncle, LD Cooper. The details she gave the FBI were very in depth and can’t be ruled out as false. he and her other uncle and father left the day before thanksgiving and returned that next morning. Her uncle was badly hurt and there are even medical records from the hospital he was taken to, to prove his injuries. Marla says it was there that her dad told her what really happened and swore her to secrecy. She never saw her uncle again after Christmas of 1972 and she believed he died in 1999. I find her story to be true and it’s backed by the fact that the FBI still hasn’t ruled him out as a suspect even though DNA didn’t match. So in the end I don’t think we will ever really know the truth but that’s what makes this legendary daredevil a great mystery.
My Thoughts

There are several possible outcomes to this story. The first is that DB
Cooper made it, even though conditions weren’t what he expected. That Cooper survived the jump to go on and live a long life and spend the money on whatever he had needed it for. This would mean that the man who was DB Cooper pulled off the greatest heist to date. Another possibility is that the man didn’t survive the jump. Having jump out of the plane over steep valleys and jagged mountain tops and the weather conditions that played that day it is very likely that DB didn’t survive. With that area being as big as it is and with the valleys and gully’s he may be still there and no one has yet to find his remains. The other is that maybe he survived but lost the money during the jump. This becomes an option because in 1978 an eight year old boy found nearly $6000 in 20’s by a Washington River.
While D.B. Cooper was an air pirate and extortionist who endangered the lives of 42 people and caused immeasurable inconvenience for many others, his bold, adventurous, unprecedented crime inspired a cult following, expressed through song, film and literature.
Cooper has also been used in the storylines of such popular TV series as Prison Break, NewsRadio, Numb3rs, and Leverage, as well as a book called The Vesuvius Prophecy based on The 4400 TV series
He is remembered in Ariel, Washington with a "Cooper Day" event held annually on the weekend after Thanksgiving weekend, and elsewhere with Cooper-themed promotions held by restaurants and bowling alleys.
Cities in the Pacific Northwest sold tourist souvenirs and held celebrations in his memory.
Fun Facts
The name DB Cooper was a misprint by a report in a newspaper....the passengers real name was Dan Cooper
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