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3rd Year English Introduction

No description

Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 25 August 2018

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Transcript of 3rd Year English Introduction

1) Hardback from 2nd Year
2) Plastic Pocket
3) Refill Pad
4) Portfolio Folder - Stored in the classroom
1) Important assignments will be planned and the first draft will be written on a refill pad page.

2) It will be assessed and the final draft with edits will be written into your hardback. It should be an improved version and showcase your best work.

3) If you wish to enter it into your Collection of Texts - then you will re write it, or photocopy it from the hardback and it will be stored in a folder in LC25.
Looking Back At The Task
Looking Back At The Task
Collection of Student's Texts
What is it?
3rd Year English Introduction
Important Dates
What does it mean to reflect?
H.W. Answer Q on refill pad page 1 pargaraph/ 15 lines each
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