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Women's Rights

No description

Melissa Fonseca

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Women's Rights

So the question is.......
What human rights were violated?
Everyone can claim the... [human] rights despite a different
gender (#2) Why?

Let's sum it up (we don't want to go on forever!) These are the rights that we believe were (and sometimes are) violated.
1893: Colorado was the second state (Idaho too) to give women the right to vote.
The National Association of Colored Women was formed
Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin, Mary Church Terrell and Anna Julia Cooper.
Over 100 black women.
Utah and Idaho got rights for women
Women's Rights In America
The first women's rights convention was held in Seneca Falls, NY
women men signed a Declaration of Sentiments.
National Women's Rights Convention in Worcester, Mass.
Women got the right to vote
The Women's Rights Movement
By: Alison Cherkasov,
Emma Donnelly,
Melissa Fonseca,
Samantha Alexander
Kathryn Philbert
Women Rights Then
Women Rights Now
Now women have the right to vote
Women are (mostly) treated fairly
Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton

The law is the same for everyone (#7) Why?
If a man and a woman do the same work, they should get the same pay (#23) Why?
Most women could only get jobs as domestic workers, or be housewives

Women couldn't buy/ inherit property

Nellie Tayloe Ross is elected governor of Wyoming, the first female governor ever
Women don't always receive the same salary as men (although it may be stated)
In some other countries it is legal for men to abuse women





Rights women and girls have
What are some Important Woman Of History that changed women equality?

Susan B. Anthony
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Jane Addams
Alice Stone Blackwell
Betty Friedan
I wonder: What are women rights?
2000 - Present
Alice Stone Blackwell
Betty Frieden
Jacqueline Ceballos
Lucretia Mott
and many more!
Women have more rights than before

Women still don't get paid exactly the same as men do
(if they have the same job)

Women aren't treated fairly.

Sometimes women can't do the same thing as men.
Jane Addams
We hope you learned how woman rights were and still are important, as well as the important changes!

Note: We all contributed to all the parts, not only the ones we said.
National Woman Suffrage Association,
American Woman Suffrage Association

September 30, 1869: Wyoming let women vote

1891: Not be forced to live with husbands unless they wanted.
1857: Women could divorce but, only for a for a "good" reason"
1870: They could money they had earned

1872 - For attempting to vote, Susan B. Anthony got arrested.
1928: Same political rights as men.
1903: Womens trade league is made.
1903: Improves working conditions and payment.
1913: Alice Paul and Lucy Burns try to help women be able to vote.
April 4, 1887: Lewis Allison Salter elected mayor of Argonia, Kansas. (First female mayor!)
May 1869: National Woman Suffrage Association was formed by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady
Thesis: Women rights were and still remain important in many ways
What are important events that happened in history?
How are women's rights different now and then? What has changed?
Note: We will be sharing our essential questions and proving our thesis with you through out this presentation

Thank you for watching our
Think... Why are women's rights important?
Helps change (society, law)
Keeps women and girls from being treated poorly
Women get equal rights and a better life
People need to realize this!
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