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Greek Myths ISP

No description

Quentin Tsang

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Greek Myths ISP

What are Greek Myths? •The body of myths and teachings that belonging to the ancient Greeks.
•Concerns Greek gods and heroes, the nature of the world and the origins of their culture.
•Explicitly embodied in a large collection of narratives and sometimes in Ancient Greek art depictions.
•Attempts to explain origins of the world and the stories of heroes/heroines, gods/goddesses and mythical creatures.
•Oldest Greek literature is Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. The Tale of Achilles Perseus and Medusa Greek Myths King Midas' Golden Touch Who was Achilles? Who was Perseus Greek hero of Homer's Iliad
Born a Demigod
Father: Peleus (mortal)
Mother: Thetis (Nereid)
Known for being a great warrior in the Trojan War Birth Foretold that Achilles would die young

Thetis brought him to the River Styx

Granted invulnerability

His heel was covered by his mother's hand Seer Calchas predicted that the city of Troy could not be taken without the help of Achilles

Achilles mother was protective and sent him to Scyros where he disguised as a girl

Odysseus discovers Achilles after he was the only women to be amazed by swords and armor Hiding Start of his Journey After being discovered by Odysseus, Achilles travels to Troy

Recognized as a great warrior

Captured twenty-three Trojan towns The Spark After capturing the town of Lyrnessos, Achilles took a woman named Briseis as a war-prize

Agamemnon, the leader of the Greeks, then takes away Briseis from Achilles after he lost his own war-prize

Achilles became furious and refused to fight for the Greeks The Greeks tried to win Achilles back with gifts but Achilles still refused to fight

Achilles finally allowed his friend Patroclus to fight in his place wearing his armor

However, Patroclus was killed within a day was and robbed of the armor by Hector, a Trojan hero, who mistook him for Achilles.

This sparked the rage within Achilles even further Final Days Seeking revenge, Achilles returns to the war and kills Hector

He continued fighting courageously and killed many more Trojan warriors Death During a battle, Paris, son of Priam (King of Troy) and brother of Hector, shoots an arrow at Achilles

In some versions, the arrow was guided by Apollo

In other versions, the arrow was poisonous

Achilles' heel was the only part of his body that was not invulnerable Who was King Midas? •King of Phrygia and actually very kind. He had a daughter too; her name was Marigold.

•The king LOVED gold more than anything except his charming, young daughter.

•When walking in his garden, he was lured by a delicious smell of wine and he discovers an elderly satyr, asleep.

•Turns out that his name was Seilenos and he was a companion of Dionysos, the god of wine.

•Midas showed him great hospitality and for that, Dionysos granted him one wish.

•Only having gold on his mind and thinking it would be a blessing, King Midas wished for a golden touch. This wish was caused by his tragic flaw of greed. The Golden Touch •Midas thought that his wish was the GREATEST idea of all time. He would be rich in no time!
•One day, he was walking in his beautiful garden and wanted to pick a flower to smell it, but with his “blessing,” the flower turned to gold.
•Midas was still human and could not go long without food or water so he decides to go eat and drink wine, but still, everything he touched turned into gold.
•His loving daughter was even turned to gold by him when he touched her, forgetting that he has the curse.
•His wish for a golden touch caused his downfall. His downfall •Midas, still the loving king that he was, saw that if he still had the curse, he would turn the whole kingdom into gold.
•He prayed to Dionysos to take away the golden curse and to put everything back to the way it was.
•Feeling pity for him, Dionysos granted him this last wish. Midas was instructed to go to the river Pactolus and bathe himself in it. Ancient Greeks have said that everything found in this river was golden because Midas’ golden touch was transferred to the sands of the river.
•Midas returns to his palace discovering that everything was normal and his daughter was alive and moving!
•He became an even more loving king, sharing his goods with all people of the kingdom.
•He wasn’t as rich as he wanted to be, but he felt that he was the richest man in the world because he had the real things that matter in life. Moral of the story •Gold or money will not buy happiness in life.
•Treasure the people you love, not the inanimate objects that you possess.
•Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!
•Never be tempted by greed as it will lead to your downfall. Greek Hero
Father: Zeus (god)
Mother: Danae (mortal)
Known for killing Medusa and claiming Andromeda How it Started King Polydectes wanted Danae (Perseus' mother) to become his wife

He knew that Perseus would be there to protect Danae

The king made a plan to send Perseus far away on a dangerous mission

King Polydectes told Perseus to bring him the head of the gorgon Medusa Medusa Was a Gorgon that had venomous snakes in place of her hair
Anyone that would directly at her eyes would turn to stone Some Help Before Perseus left for his journey, he got some help from Athena and Hermes

Winged sandals for him to fly to where the gorgons lived

A cap that made him invisible

A sword and a mirrored shield which would allow him to see Medusa’s face without being turned into stone Perseus arrived at the gorgons' lair

He spotted Medusa and her sisters asleep with his shield

Put on the invisibility cap and cut off Medusa's head

Medusa's sisters woke up and tried attacked Perseus

He flew away on his winged sandals Decapitation Video
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