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Louis Pasteur

No description

Taylor Ginger

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Louis Pasteur

Basic life knowledge
: December 27 1822 in eastern France in a small town called Dôle or Dole
: September 28 1895
. Was Roman Catholic
. His first real passion in school was art
. Never received a formal medical degree
. In August 1838 he was appointed as a tutor at Collège Royal de Besançon ( Translates to Royal College of Besancon)
. Came from a line of tanners

Heroic actions that help shape life for us today
Unique facts
.Pasteur was made a member of the French Academy of Medicine which was rare because he didn't have a formal medical degree and the majority of the members had formal medical degrees
. His dream was to be an artist and he even went to get a degree in it says UXL biography Vol. 8

His Last Words were
Mini Bio Video from Bio.com
"There is no such thing as a special category of science called applied science. There is science and there are its applications, which are related to one another as the fruit is related to the tree that has borne it.”
—Louis Pasteur
"One must work; one must work. I have done what I could."

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Louis Pasteur
“The thought that my name might someday awaken in a child's soul the first stirrings of patriotism makes my heart beat faster.”
—Louis Pasteur

His many discoveries
1853 Chevalier of the Imperial Order of the Legion of Honor
1853 Prize on racemic acid, Société de Pharmacie de Paris
1856 Rumford Medal, Royal Society (for work in crystallography)
1859 Montyon Prize for Experimental Physiology, Académie des Sciences
1861 Zecker Prize, Académie des Sciences (chemistry section)
1862 Alhumbert Prize, Académie des Sciences
1862 Elected member of the Académie des Sciences (mineralogy section)
1866 Gold Medal, Comite Central Agricole de Sologne (for work on diseases of wine)
1867 Grand Prize Medal of the Exposition Universelle (Paris), for method of preserving wine by heating
1868 Honorary M.D., University of Bonn (returned during Franco-Prussian War, 1870–1871)
1868 Promoted to commander of the Legion of Honor
1869 Elected fellow of the Royal Society
1871 Prize for silkworm remedies, Austrian government
1873 Commander of the Imperial Order of the Rose, Brazil
1873 Elected member of the Académie de Médecine
1874 Copley Medal, Royal Society (for work on fermentation and silkworm diseases)
1874 Voted national recompense of 12,000 francs
1878 Promoted to grand officer of the Legion of Honor
1881 Awarded Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor
1882 Grand Cordon of the Order of Isabella the Catholic
1882 National recompense augmented to 25,000 francs
1882 Elected to Académie Française
1886 Jean Reynaud Prize, Académie des Sciences
1887 Elected perpetual secretary, Académie des Sciences (resigned because of illness in January 1888)
Presenter : Taylor Foster
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