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Math IA

No description

katie dewolfe

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Math IA

Stroop effect IB Math Studies SL Internal Assessment Some of the fun data More fun data.. Adults Elderly Chi Squared Test High School Females!!(: Middle School Males Background Mathematical Processes Task *A common psychological study is the Stroop effect test. People are given a list of color words, printed in a color that is not that of the word. ( example: purple, green, yellow). The individual is then asked to name the colors, but to not read the words as quickly as they can, being careful not to make any mistakes.
*The Stroop effect was named after John Ridley Stroop who published this analysis in 1935.
-reaction time
-cognitive flexibility
-processing speed
-selective attention. *Scatter plots
*mean, median, mode, range
*Chi Squared test
*Standard Deviation Mean, Median, Mode, Range
mean-25.74 seconds, .725 incorrect
median- 13.3 seconds, 0 incorrect
mode- 12 seconds, 0 incorrect
Range- 27.5 seconds, 4 incorrect Mean, Median, Mode, Range
mean- 19.28 seconds, .75 incorrect
median- 14.7 seconds, .5 incorrect
mode-30.3 seconds, 0 incorrect
range- 38.92 seconds, 4 incorrect Mean, Median, Mode, Range
mean- 9.87 seconds, .8 incorrect
median- 9.75 seconds, 0 incorrect
mode- 5-10 seconds, 0 incorrect
range- 9.53 seconds, 4 incorrect Mean, Median, Mode, Range
mean- 12.14 seconds, .3 incorrect
median- 11.55 seconds, 0 incorrect
mode- 11.2 seconds, 0 incorrect
range- 12.2 seconds, 2 incorrect Mean, Median, Mode, Range
mean- 23.43 seconds, 1 incorrect
median- 23.65 seconds, 1 incorrect
mode- 20-25 seconds, 0 incorrect
range-23.4 seconds, 3 incorrect Age vs. Time...
6.25. Reject null hypothesis because it is greater than the critical value of 5.99 Introduction The main task in this investigation is to identify if there is a relationship between a person's age and gender, to their time and accuracy when completing the Stroop data test. Who *40 men
*40 females *20 middle school
*20 high school
*20 adults
*20 elderly 80 people Mean, Median, Mode, Range
mean- 16.6225 seconds, .7 incorrect
median- 12.3 seconds, 0 incorrect
mode- 11.2 seconds, 0 incorrect
Range- 41.32 seconds, 4 incorrect Standard Deviation
time- 9.52
incorrect- 1.03 Standard Deviation
time- 6.78
incorrect- .95 Standard Deviation
time- 10.05
incorrect- .99 Standard Deviation
time- 2.38
incorrect- 1.12 Standard Deviation
time- 2.62
incorrect- .64 Standard Deviation
time- 5.52
incorrect- 1.11 Gender vs. Time...
7.81. Don not reject null hypothesis Age vs. Incorrect...
11.44. Reject null hypotheis because it is greater than the critical value Gender vs. Incorrect...
.22. Do not reject null hypothesis so.....
- Gender does affect time
-Gender does not affect accuracy
-Age does affect time
-Age does not affect accuracy
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