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Early American Developments in Musical Theatre

No description

Rick Gomez

on 9 January 2019

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Transcript of Early American Developments in Musical Theatre

Broadway is Born
Native American tribe, the Lenape, name future NYC area "Mannahatta."
See Prezi on The Black Crook
Mid 1800's: Variety
Early American Developments in Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre Comes to New York
1860's-1870's: Pantomime
Minstrelsy is born in New York's Bowery
1880's-Early 20th Century: Vaudeville
1840's-1920's: Burlesque
Notes for Broadway is Born
Early 1600's: First European Settlers, the Dutch, establish trade with the Lenape.
1664: The British conquer the area and give New York and Broadway their names.
1750: 1st Documented staged musical performance in New York was the Beggar's Opera at the the Theater on Nassau Street.
The Theater on Nassau Street as it appears now. Now an office building.
1820: Thomas Rice and "Jim Crow"
Stephen Foster owes his fame to the Christy Minstrels
Minstrelsy creates Barbershop Style/Popular style a capella Singing
Minstrelry in Hollywood, Past and Present
Notes on Minstrelsy
Origin of "Zip Coon"
Christy Minstrels and Stump Speech
P.T. Barnum and his American Museum
Notes on Variety
The Mulligan Guard March
Notes on Vaudeville
Majority of sources for notes come from Musical Theatre: A History, and Musicals101.com by John Kenrick.
Notes on Burlesque
Notes on Pantomime
The Bowery wasn't for the feint of heart
P.T. Barnum Offer's Safer Variety Shows
Tin Pan Alley
Tony Pastor and his 14th Street Theatre
Benjamin F. Keith and Edward F. Albee
Marcus Loew's Vaudeville Legacy
A Taste of Vaudeville (and beyond)
After the Ball: Charles Harris and Show Boat
Lydia Thompson and her British Blondes
Minksy's Burlesque
Gypsy Rose Lee and the Musical, Gypsy
A Minsky's Musical in Process?
Edward Rice
African Americans and Vaudeville
All ethnicities lampooned equally.
Well... almost all...
The Night They Raided Minsky's
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