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jenna combs

on 20 November 2013

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Cold Front
* Is when cold air is running into warm air and it's lifting it up.
* The weather brings frequent showers,snow storms,thunder storms.Doesn't last long because
cold air moves fast,temperature is cold.
* The clouds that is created from this
is Cumulus and Cumulonimbus.

* Warm air is pushing out and
into the cold.
* The weather is light,moderate
and continuous showers.
* The clouds that this front
creates is Stratus and Nimbos-

* Is when warm and cold air
masses don't have enough
force to move another.
* The weather it can bring is
rain,fog and snow (if cold -
* The clouds it creates is
Cumulus and Cumulonim-
Cold Front
Warm Front
Warm Front
Stationary Front
Stationary Front

* Where a warm front gets caught in between two cold fronts.
* The weather that this could bring is snow storms depending on the temperature.
* The clouds that this front could form is Cumulus or Cumulonimbus

Occluded Front
Occluded Front
Weather Fronts
Made by :
Jenna Combs
Breanna Davidson
''That's all
High pressure is the cloud(full of
water)it drops in the cold air and
warm air.
Low pressure is the warm air mass.

Dew point and cloud formation relates by helping form the cloud and giving the cloud it's shape and form.
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