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SoA conference paper

No description

M S Wickham

on 31 August 2010

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Transcript of SoA conference paper

"[Appraisal is] daunting, if not impossible, including preserving and protecting any aspect of the documentary heritage that is endangered;
acquiring a systematic documentation of particular aspects of society;
serving diverse constituencies with very different objectives;
meeting the institutional needs of the creators of records;
providing a cultural or public memory role;
safeguarding records as both artifacts and information systems;
endorsing a legitimizing for certain segments of society;
ensuring the accountability of public officials, civic and corporate leaders;
managing records of all media; and
serving as a repository of last resort for records that have been stranded by their creators"
Richard Cox in Archival Appraisal Alchemy Are evidence and memory, record creator and record user, mutually exclusive? are the “organisation” and the “customer” the only creators and users?
The records professional can and must mediate between rather than arbitrate between the records creator and the records users. By http://www.flickr.com/photos/ltdemartinet/
Licensed under Creative Commons Legislation and lobbying reflects something of the current values of society We now have practical tools to do digital preservation:
selected examples Official response in the Claudy Case, August 2010 The Butler report in 2004 criticised "sofa government."
In keeping with the criticisms, the only 'photographic record' I could find to illustrate this point shows the then Prime Minister and Chancellor on the GMTV sofa. Raw usage data - ranking & personalised recommendations In a postmodern world archivists should rejoice in... self-knowledge but at the same time document all that they do to aid the reconstruction of their actions by those examining their work in future.
Rachel Hosker & Lesley Richmond
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