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Pedagogy and Assessment in an Inclusive Environment

No description

Faye Sheth

on 26 June 2018

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Transcript of Pedagogy and Assessment in an Inclusive Environment

1.Positive and Reinforcing Feedback
1.1 Rubber Stamps
1.2 Stickers
1.3 Positive Words
1.4 Good Reports

2. Types of Assessment
2.1 Formative (Worksheet Eg. Patrick Starr; Logo - TV Show; Army Tank; Perspective Drawing of Living Room)
2.2 Dianostic
2.3 Synoptic
3. Balanced Groups
3.1 Group Activities (Teacher, Student - Reversing Roles; Homework - Teamwork; Chart Eg. Logos - Anti-Bullying)
Pedagogy and Assessment in an Inclusive Environment
1. Student-Centred Learning
2. Constructivist Approach
3. Student Collaboration
4. Time Management
5. Appropriately Organised Student Groups
6. Technology-Enhanced Learning
7. Optimism-Motivating Students
Graphical Communication
1. Different Learning Methods for Different Learning Abilities
2. Supporting Teaching Methods (3D Shapes Eg. Truncations; Charts)
3. Effective Use of Different Resources (Interactive Whiteboard; Projector)
4. High Expectations for Everyone
Working in Collaboration
1. LSEs - Providing them with Schemes of Work and Possible Issues / Activities
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