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No description

Matt Tierney

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of JOHN FLYNN

"FLYNN OF THE INLAND" JOHN FLYNN FACTS ABOUT JOHN FLYNN FACTS ABOUT JOHN FLYNN In 1912, he established the Australian Inland Mission to minister to the spiritual, social and medical needs of people in the Outback. In 1927, QANTAS and the Aerial Medical Service signed an agreement to operate an aerial ambulance from Cloncurry, Queensland. FACTS ABOUT JOHN FLYNN JOHN FLYNN QUOTES "Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers but for powers equal to your tasks."

"If you start something worthwhile - nothing can stop it.¨

John Flynn created the Flying doctor service to help those in need in the inland of Australia. He is referred to as "Flynn of the inland" as he lived most of his life in the outback and dedicated his life to helping those who lived in rural Australia. Flynn, was twice Moderator General of the Presbyterian Church. In May 1950, Flynn attended what was to be his last Flying Doctor Council meeting; sadly he died of cancer in May the following year. Flynn was cremated and his ashes placed at rest under the Flynn Memorial, just west of Alice Springs at Mount Gillen - the very centre of the vast territory to which he brought communication, medical comfort and pastoral care.

John Flynn One of the first planes to proceed in a Flying doctor service. This 7 minute provides viewers with a detailed summary of the life of John Flynn.
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