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Vermont PM

No description


on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Vermont PM

Vermont PM
Economic Location
Historic Location
Political Location
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Choice Location
Interesting Facts
Vermont's Economy
Vermont's History
Vermont's Geography
Vermont's Government
Road Trip Distance
Ben and Jerry`s ice cream
company was founded in
Burlington ,Vermont.
Mt.independnce is a
revolutionary war site
in orwell,vermont.The
american soldiers built it
to protect them from the british.It is east of lake
Champlain and on the west side of Fort Ticonderoga.
Mount Mansfield is the
highest mountain among the many in vermont.If you look at it
from the east or west it
takes the shape of a face.

Geographic Location
Ben and
Vermont means

green mountain
The capital building
of Vermont was built
in 1833 and was designed by Thomas Sillaway.It is based on the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens, Greek
started out as a tiny
corner store in 1978
but now it is a chain
of stores and warehouses

Lake Champlain
is a
lake.It is across from New York.Lake Champlain is a large fresh water lake in Burlington,Vermont
13,890 miles
Vermont was the first state
to outlaw slavery.
in french
The state animal is
the Morgan horse
About 3/4 of Vermonts economy relies on dairy products.It also relies on sell of fruit and Maple syrup.
Montpelier,Vermont is the smallest
state capital
Until 1996 Vermont was
the only state without
a walmart
In Vermont it is illigeal
for more than one people to ride a skateboard at a time
1.The first european
to see Vermont was
Jaques Cartier
2.An explorer named Samuel de Champlain
claimed what is now Lake Champlain
3.France claimed Vermont
as a part of New France
4.People who were not french began to explore
5. The french began to get
angry and soon Vermont belonged to no one
6.After the revolutionary war
Vermont be one
of the 50 states
political map
physical mp
economic map
geographic map
Vermont is bordred
by Canda,New York,
New Hamshire,and
has 223 mounteins that are all at least 2,000 feet.
is a republican state.It became
a government in 1791.
Peter Shumlin is the
governor of Vermont.
Montpelier,Vermont has only 9,000 people living there.
Vermont is the largest producer of maple sryp
The state fruit is the apple
The state butterfly is the Monarch
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