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No description

Ashley Warner

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Skinny

Main Characters
main character, sweet, smart, very self conscious due to her weight problem
one of Ever's best friends smart, and caring.
Ever's stepsister, caring, not the sharpest tool in the shed. Helps Ever become confident
Ever's crush since the first grade, handsome,smart, cool
Small evil twisted little brat that I hope meets bus. :)
Ever's partner in crime her best pal, is with her no matter what, always wanting to play catch.
by: Donna Cooner
Thank You!!!!!
Ever feels hopeful that she can lose weight
I hoped that you
liked our
Ever is very overweight, but she wants to make her dreams
come true by singing in the school play. She knows that if she is overweight people will laugh at her no matter how good she is. She's used to that, but she doesn't want her crush Jackson to make fun of her. And to make it worse, she has a voice in her head, Skinny, that tells her what everybody thinks of her.
When the story begins
Ever is 302 pounds. She has
no friends except for Rat.
Ever is a very overweight girl that gets bullied in school because of her weight. She has a voice in her head named Skinny and Skinny tells Ever of what everybody thinks of her. Ever got tired of her weight so she got surgery to remove her fat. She missed school for about a month. Her friend Rat was there for her most of the time. He would always tell her what she missed in school to keep her updated. Ever started growing feeling for Rat and Rat liked her back. Shortly after the surgery, they started dating. Ever felt good in herself after she saw the results of the surgery.
Rising Action
Falling Action
While waiting onstage
Ever breaks the chair she's
sitting on.She's really embarrassed.
After a lot of thinking Ever decides
to get the surgery. Fortunately, she lives
through it.
Whitney, the most popular girl in school, gives Ever a complete makeover. When the makeover is done, Whitney shows off Ever to everyone like she's a not-even-out-yet designer bag
Ever's School. Ever is there alot, its where her drama class takes place and where she gets teased. Its a major place in the story. Also the dance occurs here.
Jackson, Ever's so called one true love,
asks Ever to the dance. Rat's upset because
he thought they were going to go together.
Ever's House. Even though she isn't there much, its still important when she is there.
Ever's neighborhood. Where after the surgery occurs, she jogs around to lose weight faster.
Ever feels hopeful that she can lose weight
Ever goes to the dance with Jackson and Rat goes with Briella. Ever confronts Briella because she thinks
she is just using Rat.
Ever discovers that Jackson actually
likes GiGi. He apologizes and Ever rushes into the
In the auditorium, Ever confronts Skinny.
Ever discovers Skinny is blind and a figment of
her imagination. So, she destroys her.
Ever tries out for the school play and
does very well.
Rat finally expresses his feelings towards
Ever and Ever realizes she feels the same
way. So, they go out.
Ever gets the part of Cinderella, her dream role.
She's finally friends with Briella and dating Rat.
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