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2012 Skidoo Snowmobiles

No description

austin gerlach

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of 2012 Skidoo Snowmobiles

2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL360Fb3sc4 MXZ RENEGADE SUMMIT FREERIDE GSX GRAND TOURING EXPEDITION TUNDRA SKANDIC Cross-country
Radical and incredibly responsive rough trail machines that combine race-inspired suspension with cutting-edge design.
New for 2012: rMotion rear suspension and rMotion Quick Adjust system
Crossover On- and Off-trail
Versatility to ride both on-trail and off, these agile and radical performance sleds feature a longer and wider track than most trail sleds to bridge bumps and play in the powder.
New for 2012: Expanded availability of Rotax E-TEC 800R engine, Pilot DS deep snow skis on Backcountry packages and choice of wraps for the spring models.
Deep Snow, Mountain Riding
High-altitude machines that take full advantage of the best power-to-weight ratio to deliver unrivaled deep snow performance.
New for 2012: Full availability of the E-TEC 800R engine, Summit Sport with PowerT.E.K. 800R engine, Pilot DS skis on all sleds, 2.5 inch (6.3 cm) lug PowderMax II track, REV-XP X Narrow seat with storage and trick minimalist bar/controls on X-package.
Extreme Mountain riding
The flotation of a mountain machine with the toughness and agility of a snocross race sled.
New for 2012: Three track lengths: 137, 146, 154. REV-XP X Narrow seat with storage and optional 2.5 in (6.4cm) track lugs.
Luxury Performance sleds
High performance trail sleds with the latest technology, refinement and comfort.
New for 2012: E-TEC 800R and E-TEC 600 H.O. engine options with SE package.
Luxury Two-Up Touring
Go ahead, bring a friend. Comfort - for both the driver and passenger - is paramount on our Grand Touring two-up touring sleds.
Touring-Utility Vehicles
Extreme versatility, with advanced features and performance for cruising trails with a passenger, exploring off-trail or hauling supplies.
New for 2012: Air Control Suspension added to SE package, Pilot DS deep snow skis on all models and metallic white coloration for SE package.
Fun, economical machines for roaming deep snow, light work or basic transportation in remote areas.
New for 2012: REV-XP X Narrow seat with storage on Xtreme package, Pilot DS deep snow skis with LT package and Rotax ACE 600 engine choice with Sport package.
From pulling on-trail to floating off, these sleds have exactly what you need to do exactly what you want.
New for 2012: SWT package on REV-XU platform with E-TEC 600 H.O. and ACE 600 engine choices.
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