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West Boggs Park Wellness Playground

A beautiful place where older adults will enjoy spending time, with many opportunities to exercise, socialize, and play. www.MustHavePlay.com

Michael Cohen

on 12 April 2017

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Transcript of West Boggs Park Wellness Playground

West Boggs Park
Daviess-Martin Joint County Parks & Recreation Department
Imagine a beautiful place
A Wellness Playground For Elders.
to exercise, socialize, and play:
carefully designed for elders
Daviess-Martin Joint County
Parks & Recreation Department
West Boggs Park, Loogootee, IN
Conceptual Design Proposal
By Play By Design, LLC
New Wellness Playground
We make the site readily accessible with looping roads and parking.
Start with a beautiful public park: West Boggs Park
Select 6 prime acres with wonderful views.
Here is Must Have Play's starting point.

This playground needs a large building for multiple purposes.

The old tennis courts make a great spot.
We welcome you.
Here is a pair of bocce courts, beneath a fine pair of shade sails.

This "old-country" game is fun among friends of all ages and abilities.

An added bonus is all the gentle exercise from bending, balancing and tossing.
Have you heard of Pickleball?
It's becoming a craze, for good reason
Swings! Lots of them. They are fun for all ages. Good for balance and muscles too. Perfect.
Uses include:
A cafe
Games (even electronic ones!)
Sheltered seating
Staff for assistance
Pickleball is a fast-growing new sport among older adults... because it is fun.
This peninsula calls out to be enjoyed in conversation with a friend, reading a good book, or quietly gazing at beauty.
A small dock for canoes, kayaks, maybe a pedal boat, with a few for rent.
How about a swim? Where's the beach?
Around the multi-purpose building there are lots of benches, picnic tables, and game tables.
The exercise equipment here is selected with the needs of older adults in mind. Many items are designed for those in wheelchairs. Many are usable by two people at once, which adds more fun.
Bankshot Circles
Bankshot is crazy basketball shooting. Check out these backboards!
Here's a playground for the children.
You're never too young to play!
These polished concrete tables are almost as good to look at as they are to play on.
Here is a pair of ping pong tables.
This playground has:
Electric golf carts
Handpedal cycles
Footpedal carts
These roads are not only for cars.
Looping and crossing the roads (black) offers many routes for driving through the park.

Wide, smooth footpaths (white) add many more routes for walking, jogging, and anyone using wheelchairs or walkers.
Curved benches make for conversational seating. They are throughout the park.

Some benches, like these, are attractively sheltered from the elements of wind, rain and sun.

Why not shelters for a few game and picnic tables too?
Do you play chess? Or want to learn ? Go big!
Imagine this with gardens!
Active, exciting, and creative play for kids. And there's
no upper age limit
in this park.
West Boggs Park
Wellness Playground
Together we can build it!

...is that a roof garden?
Interesting building...
You're joking!
What an opportunity this is for the right designers and builders.
Accessible benches tables and paths are found throughout the park.
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