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No description

Farrod Ship

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of Exhibition

My Internship
My internship is currently at YMCA. Where i do plenty of things to help out.
What do i do at my internship?
What have i learned
How is my Internship related to English?
At my internship i monitor the gym and make sure no one is breaking any rules . I also manage the weight room to make sure there is nothing wrong with the equipment because we wouldnt want any one to get injured and on occasions i may mop up parts of the track
My advisor
How is My Internship Connected To My Career Path?
Hello my name is Farrod and i am a 9th grader at the personalized learning academy. I like to play sports and xbox with my free time.
I like to listen to rap music as well
and i would like to become an electrician or a rapper when i grow up because these are things that highly interest me.
In my internship i have learned the importance of keeping all of the machines and other things people use on a regular basis because they can have germs and people can get sick or infected by things that aren't clean. I have also learned to not let people do what they want to do because someone can get seriously hurt.
my internship is connected to my career path by me working with customers. since an electrician or a rapper both have to work well with customers
My Mentor
My mentor is Louis Quinones
he is very helpful and answers any questions i have for him.
My internship is related to english because we have plenty of flyers that go out to our customers and it is important to proofread the document so there is no errors
How is my internship related to math?
My internship is related to math because alot of things are sold there from swimming lessons to refreshments and we have to make sure everything is correctly added up so there is no problems.
My advisor is Mr. Lugo-Velez he is an English teacher and advisor at the personalized learning academy. He is very helpful as well and tries to answer all of my questions.
Thanks For Watching!
Ask any questions if needed?
to my exhibition
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