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Copy of GMS "CB A Class Act"

No description

Lisa Diffenderfer

on 8 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of GMS "CB A Class Act"

GAFE integration
Local file system
Basic Care
No food or drinks
Carry Device from the base, not the lid
School Policies
Charge at home
WebPrint (via PaperCut)
Appropriate locations for use Training the Student Basic GAFE training
Going Paperless/Workflow
Network interruptions/drops
Keyboard Shortcuts
Chrome Apps Training the Teacher: PD Health History Presentations Math
English 5th Grade 1:1 Lenovo Chromebook (take home)
4th Grade 1:1 Samsung 500 Series (classroom sets)
3rd Grade 1:2 Lenovo Chromebook(classroom sets) What we're doing next! What we have used: Series 5 Pros: All the good things about CB's and GAFE
Cons: (Series 5)Hardware, Hardware, Hardware.
Developer switch
Charging port
Screen casing
Durability for students
Trackpad Science What is it like when your room is full of Chromebooks? In The Classroom "The Internet in a Shell"
A "Creation Station"

What it can do:
The Cloud

What it can't do:
Manage Other Hardware
Heavy Duty Multimedia
Mac/PC-based programs

What it will do:
Improve Chromebooks Chromebooks in EDU 6 Chromebook Pixel
$1299 500 Series Lenovo The Chromebook Heisman Pose Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like any of our resources shared with you! lisad@harker.org Mike Jaber
Dan Sitter Chromebook Pixel 12.85 Inches 2560 x 1700 Chrome OS Intel Core i5 1 TB (3 Years)
Google Drive
Cloud Storage $1299/$1449 4 GB DDR3 RAM 5 Hours Helpful Chromebook Communities
Google+ Chromebook EDU
Google Group of Chromebook Teachers
Google Group for Chromebook Schools
http://goo.gl/38MGC Modified with permission from Lisa Diffenderfer Glogster Google
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