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Portfolio Powerpoint

No description

Dalisha Budd

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Portfolio Powerpoint

The Wild Ride
Dalisha Budd
Capital City Pcs
10th grade

World History
World History II was a smooth part on the where I was neutral because I was neither excited or disappointed.
National History Day Project (NHD)
This NHD we had to find a major Turning Point in History.
LT2: I can explain how Revolutions in History have impacted the world an my like today.
LT3: I can conduct original historical research.
Ionic and Covalent Bonds
Biology was a big turn on the roller coaster when its shaking and jerking because it feels like the roller coaster is struggling and this was a major struggle for me too.
This school year was like a Roller coaster Ride at six Flags called The Wild One because of the different turns bumps drops loops and even stops. You will see how each class relates to this in the next slides!
Chemistry, was a major drop on the ride because when you start the drop it starts out scary but as the drop continues you start to enjoy it.
Overview Of Presentations
Triangle Quiz and tests
National History Day (NHD)
Ionic and Covalent
"Sweets" DNA model Project
Directions Project
Music Performance
Injustice Project
Geometry was like the best part of the ride, going up the reason Geometry was like going up is be cause at that point your excited you know that the drop is to come .
My Strength i think would be my Documentary and the research.

Weakness- My weaknesses were doing my voice overs and starting my documentary because it was my first time.
My strengths of this project was the timeliness and completing my final draft.
Weakness- My weakness was my project reflection because it was difficult for me to reflect on the lab.

This skills I used were my listening, writing and technology skills.

Learning Targets: I Can write a proper, formal lab report on an experiment conducted in class.
I can clearly communicate an understanding of the four properties of ionic compounds.
Spanish 2
Spanish II was a major twist on the ride where I need my friend to help me get through because in some points I needed Ms. Corrales to hold my hand.
Learning Targets:
I can give directions to places around the city in which I live.
Directions Project
* Directions
* Description
* Landmarks
* Speaking Spanish
World History
Strength / weakness
Learning Targets
Advisory was the breeze you feel as you're going down on the roller coaster because it's a fresh new beginning.
I really engaged in group discussions.
Weakness was connecting with other people because we all had different personalities.
Strength /
Strength would be making the music writing everything correctly
Weakness would be during the process I was too serious.
I can identify basic rhythms.
I can describe how time signatures work.
I can play basic rhythmic patterns.
I can listen and play in an ensemble.
Learning Targets
Final Music Composition
Music was like the end of the roller coaster ride because it was fun and easy.
English was the part of the ride I had to checked my seatbelt frequently cause I thought wasn't strapped in.
Injustice Project
-I can engage and orient the audience by establishing a clear perspective that introduces the character and/or characters.
-I can analyze a specific perspective or cultural experience within or outside of the U.S. reflected in a text.
My strength for this project would be my website page that I created
Weakness was my interview to the teachers.
LT1,I can classify triangles based on angle and side measure
LT2, I can use the triangle sum theorem and exterior angle theorem to find a missing interior angles of triangles,
Triangle Test
Showing that I can classify a triangle
Finding the value of the variable in a triangle
Sweets DNA Model Project
LT1:I can Explain the role and purpose of DNA in cell.
LT2:I can design and create the structure of a human DNA molecule
Making and labeling everything on the DNA
Presenting in front of the class
Overall this year was like the roller coaster ride The Wild One to me because of the many turns, bumps, stops, and even line I may have waited in.

. I also had many ups and downs that I overcame and learned from. I know that from this 10th grade experience I will take the many things i’ve learned with me to 11th and 12th grade and even college.
Learning Targets
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