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Cielo Vargas

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Ancient

Greece Gods/Goddesses Gods/Goddesses Gods/Goddesses Ancient Greece Dionysus Sparta Athens Poseidon-was the god of the sea and horses.

Aphrodite-is the god of love and beauty.

Hermes- was the god travel, bussiness, weight,and measures and sports.

Artemis-was the god of hunting, archery,and childbirth.

Ares-was the god of war

Hephaistos-was the god of fire,volcanoes,
blacksmith,and craftworkers. He was the fun of loving god of the high spirit, strong emotions and wine. Ancient Greece was a civilization belonging to a period of grrek history.

Greece is made made up of peninsula and group of island in southern Europe.

Sparta was a polis that valued physical courage,strenght, and bravery in war.

The Spartans gave their complete loyalty to the polis

Spartan laws discouraged anything that would distract people from their disciplined military life. Athens was a polis on the southeastern part of the Greek mainland.

The Athenian people valued reading,writing, and music,subjects that the Spartans scorned. Zeus- was the king of the gods. He can control the weather.

Hera- was the wife of Zeus and the queen of gods.

Athena- is the god of war and cunning wisdom.

Apollo- was the god of the sun, truth, music, poetry,dance, and healing

Demeter- was the god of the fertility and argiculture.
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