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Toast Masters : K-POP

Describing about K-POP

광우 한

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Toast Masters : K-POP

K-POP What is K-POP? a musical genre and subculture
originating in South Korea. In Korea
South Korean popular music Outside of Korea
songs sung by systematically
trained K-Pop idols Reuters the success of PSY's single "Gangnam Style" has led to other K-pop artists positioning themselves for a similar breakthrough in the U.S. music industry Quoted In.... WIKI encyclopedia 1990s:Birth of Real K-pop American Music Rap Rock Techno KOREAN
MUSIC Songs Emergence of SeoTaiji & Boys Nan Arayo(I know) Gyosilidea Come Back Home a wave of successful hip hop and R&B artists The Age of Entertainment SM TOWN YG Ent. DSP Ent. JYP Ent. FNC Ent. New Audiences:Teenagers teenagers: They led to the emergence of
so-called idol bands. 1990s: A Period of undergrounds 21st century: The Hallyu wave(Korean wave) Conquest of Japan BoA The first Korean singer
to top the Oricon sold in the million. the first successful Korean
to enter top the Japanese
Oricon Chart
since World War II. R a i n Singer Actor Entertainer Associate with
Actor Kim Tea-hee T V X Q S S 5 0 1 Super Junior Big Bang Shinee 2 P M Wonder Girls K A R A Girl's Generation 2 N E 1 + Will.I.AM + Laurieann Gibson 1.24 Billion VIEWS! : Revolution 1992 Seo Taiji & Boys 2000s : Hallyu
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