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Post-Secondary Options

How I can reach my potential career goals.

Amanda Wong

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Post-Secondary Options

Prospective Careers
Amanda's Post-Secondary Options
I've been spending a lot of time thinking about what I'm going to do after I graduate high school. This kind of decision is very important and will alter my future. It all depends on what career I choose, what post-secondary school I attend and what program I take.
So what will impact my decision?
How about a career in Interior Design?
Hmm, what kind of things does being an interior designer involve? I want to know what I'm getting myself into, after all. How much would I make? What would I be doing? Let's take a look.
What would working as an Interior Designer be like?
I am interested in a visual career. I am good at design and I am very creative. Where can this lead me?
What would I be doing as an Interior Designer?
Meet with clients to discuss project details
Develop design plans and sketches for clients’ approval
Advise clients on paint, wallpaper, and furniture selections
Oversee budgets and schedules for projects
May specialize in home or commercial design
Duties & Tasks
Work for design or architecture firms, construction companies, and retailers
Some are self-employed
Evening and weekend work is common
Self-employed designers have more irregular hours
There may be periods when business is slow
Attributes & Abilities
Good design sense
Very organized
Good with people
How much would I be making?
Entry-level: $25,000 to $35,000 a year
Professional: $40,000 to $55,000 a year
Top-level: $80,000 a year or more
Salary Range
Current prospects are in the medium range
Job Prospects
If I choose this career, will this job be in demand?
Drafting & Design class
ICT class
Using Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator
Drawing, crafting, modeling, etc
How does this job relate to what I already know and use?
Sounds good, but are there any other options for me? What else am I capable of?
Computers are something I am interested in. I'm good with numbers and like technology. Is there a job for me there?
Maybe a career in Computer Engineering?
What would computer engineering be like? I hope it's interesting- I don't think I could stand a boring career. So what sorts of things do computer engineers do? What skills should I develop? Let's find out.
What is the workplace of a Computer Engineer like?
What tasks do Computer Engineers have to do?
Applications engineers develop software programs that perform specific tasks
Systems engineers develop larger computer systems
Analyze project requirements and design software products or computer systems
Test and debug software or systems
Some specialize in systems analysis, sales, or research and design
Duties & Tasks
Work for software companies, government agencies, and computer and electronics manufacturers
Work primarily in offices or labs
A lot of work is done at a desk, in front of a computer
The work can be stressful
Most work 40 hours a week, but overtime is often required
Attributes & Abilities
Logical and analytical
Math and computer skills
Communication skills
Problem-solving skills
Able to keep up to date with technological advances
How much money will I make?
Entry-level: $35,000 to $60,000 a year
Professional: $60,000 to $150,000 a year
Top-level: $150,000 a year or more
Salary Range
Current prospects are in the medium range
Job Prospects
How in-demand is this kind of career?
ICT class
Math class
Using different software & hardware
Work easily with technology
Does this job relate to my classes and my skills?
This might be what I decide to go with, but is there a Plan C for me if this doesn't work out?
Perhaps a career for me in Creative Writing?
I already enjoy writing my own short stories, so maybe fictional writing is what my career path should be. Is there anything I should know about being a writer? How much money do they make? Let's check it out.
What is a Fictional Writer's workplace like?
What duties & tasks would I have as a Fictional Writer?
Fiction writers include novelists, poets, screenwriters, and playwrights
They use their imagination to create characters and plots
May research their topics to verify details
Non-fiction writers include journalists, technical writers, and copywriters
They convey facts or opinions to readers
Duties & Tasks
Non-fiction writers work for governments, media outlets, ad agencies, and all kinds of businesses
Most fiction writers are self-employed
Work from home or in an office
Hours vary depending on the type of writing
Writers often work alone
Attributes & Abilities
A love of reading
An understanding of different writing styles
Computer skills
Knowledge of Internet applications
Talent and passion for writing
Possibly a degree in English, creative writing, or journalism
What is the salary for this career?
Entry-level: $10,000
Professional: $25,000 - $75,000
Top-level: $100,000 a year or more
(free-lance writers can be paid per word, hour, or project)
Salary Range
Current prospects are in the medium range
Job Prospects
Is this career I want in-demand?
English class
Writing short stories
Enjoy reading literature
Where can I relate this job to my life right now?
Alright, now that I've mapped out my options, how do I get to these careers?
I really love creative writing and I am good at English. Could this translate into the right job for me?
What Post-Secondary options are there?
Post-Secondary Institutions
Which Post-Secondary Institutions are available to help me achieve the careers I chose to look at? What program(s) would I take? What credentials would I receive? There are many different options, but let us take a look at three of them.
Interior Design: The Art Institute of Vancouver.
Program Name: Interior Design - Diploma.
What are AI Campuses like? How many people are enrolled?
What requirements are there to get into this program?
Interview (in person or over the phone) with an Assistant Director of Admissions
The student has completed high school (Grade 12 or GED 12) or; a mature student of not less than 20 years of age
A separate Application Form and Enrollment Agreement must be completed and signed by the applicant, as well as parent or guardian (if applicant is a minor)
Essay. A written paragraph of approximately 250 words describing what the prospective student's career goals are and how The Art Institute of Vancouver can help the student achieve those goals
Entrance Requirements
Hollywood, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other places have campuses
Approximately 1,500 enrolled at the Vancouver campus
School-Sponsored Housing complex. (3433 Crowley Avenue in Vancouver)
Program Description
The Interior Design Diploma Program is rich in theory and practice. Students will have the opportunity to develop abilities in all aspects of the design of three-dimensional spaces, both residential and commercial. They learn how to communicate design solutions through a variety of visual media and develop aesthetic and ethical sensitivities. Students learn how the profession interfaces with others in the industry and how to manage the business of their profession. They will graduate prepared to enter the fields of commercial and residential design.
How much does this program cost me?
Approximately $1,212
($150 in fees and $177 per quarter)
Tuition & Fees
Special events/workshops on health or wellness related areas
Information on human services in the local area
Assistance with study habits, time management, stress management, communication, problem solving, transition to college, and many other college success topics
Referral to short term counseling provided by the Student Assistance Program for students in need of emotional support or guidance.
Student Services
What services are available to students?
Length of Training: 18 months (6 quarters)
Qualifications & Credentials: Diploma
Further Education: Bachelor of Applied Design Degree (available at the Art Insititute of Vancouver)
What will my education at this institute involve?
So this is a program I could take if I want to pursue a career in Interior Design. What if I choose a different option?
Computer Engineering: The University of British Columbia.
Program Name: Computer Engineering.
What are the campuses and the housing like?
What entrance requirements are there?
General Requirements:
English Language Admissions Standard. Final grade of 70% in Grade 11 or Grade 12 English (or equivalent course, including provincial examinations where applicable)
Graduation from high school with a minimum average of 70% (or higher for many programs)
For Science & Engineering:
English 12 or English 12 First Peoples
Principles of Mathematics 12 or Pre-Calculus 12 (minimum 67%)
Two other approved Grade 12 courses, including at least one of Biology 12, Chemistry 12, Geology 12 or Physics 12
English 11 plus a language 11
Mathematics 11
Chemistry 11 and Physics 11
An approved Social Studies course
Entrance Requirements
UBC Okanagan is another campus
Approximately 45,000 students enrolled at UBC
Student Housing: Place Vanier. (1935 Lower Mall, Vancouver, BC)
Cost Living On Campus: $4,000 to $5,000. (per school year, includes board and meals)
Program Description
Computer Engineering students learn a wide range of fundamental skills. After first year, students choose between a traditional lecture based format and a project-based-learning variation called the Project Integration Program (PIP). Third- and fourth- year studies become very specific: hardware and software design (including an optional focus on Software Engineering), operating systems, embedded systems, object-oriented programming and database design, communications, signal and systems analysis, as well as technical electives.
How much is the tuition here?
Approximately $30,000
Tuition & Fees
Lab facilities
Demco Learning Centre
Student Health Service
Counselling Services
Wellness Centre
Student Services
What student services are there for me?
Length of Training: 4 years.
Qualifications & Credentials: Bachelor of Applied Science.
Further Education: Master of Applied Science (available at the University of British Columbia)
What does this program entail for my future?
If I choose Computer Engineering, this may be the way to go. Still, let's take a look at where my last option takes me.
Creative Writing: The University of Victoria
Program Name: English Honors Program.
What is the campus like and how many students will be there?
What requirements are in order for me to be accepted?
General Requirements
The minimum academic qualification for consideration is secondary school graduation with an average of at least 67% calculated on all required grade 12 courses.
Fine Arts Requirements
English 11 & 12,Social Studies 11.
Three courses chosen from approved math 11; approved science 11; approved language 11; approved fine arts 11. Three approved academic 12 courses OR two approved academic 12 courses and one approved fine art 12 course.
Entrance Requirements
Number of Students Enrolled: Approximately 15,800.
Student Housing: The University of Victoria has 21 dormitory buildings and 121 cluster units located on campus.
Cost Living On Campus: $8134 (per year, single bedroom)
Program Description
The Honours Program is designed for students who show a strong commitment to an intense study of English literature. At a time when undergraduate class sizes are increasing across the country, English Honours students at UVic have the opportunity to work with individual faculty members and in small groups of students with similar interests. The structure of the program demands some study of all periods of English literature, from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century, but it also provides room for detailed examination of a particular author or for some specialization in a particular period of literature.
How much will this program cost?
Approximately $16,200
Tuition & Fees
Advising Centre for the Faculties of Humanities, Science & Social Sciences
Counselling Services
Health Services
Multifaith Services
Residence Services
Resource Centre for Students with a Disability
University Food Services
Campus Services
Student Services
What are some of UVic's student services?
Length of Training: 4 years
Qualifications & Credentials: Honors Degree
Further Education: Bachelor Degree (available at the University of Victoria with the completion of additional courses)
How will this program prepare me for my future?
This program sounds like it would be interesting to take if I pursue creative writing. Where do I end up after going through these options?
So where do I see myself after high-school graduation?
In ten or so years my name might be the name of a celebrity's personal interior designer, a famous novelist, or a renowned computer engineer! There are many avenues open to me right now, so I should be sure to take advantage of all the opportunities I am given to achieve one of these goals.
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