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Copy of Suitcase Rummage

PR Campaigns

Abi King

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Suitcase Rummage

Goal Strategy Key Messages Strategy Slow economy is good for your industry

The less disposable income people have the more likely they are to buy second hand items

Gen Y are going vintage The Good The industry has come under increasing pressure from online auction sites

Changing lifestyle patterns of working families.

Industry rivalry is set to increase over the next five years. Challenges Brands inspire!

Brand is an experience

Your clients impressions of who you are

Communicate your unique Identity to the right people Lets Talk Branding Importance of Brand
Messages Awareness


Distinguishes you from the clutter Let’s you pause…

Set your next goal! Importance of Celebrating Milestones Develop and foster image and reputation
-Conduct research to create clear mission and vision
-Develop online presence
-Monitor online engagement and interactivity with publics
-Consistency and accuracy of information available
-Grassroots engagement to increase message retention and build relationship foundations
-Positive awareness of brand Create a media relations campaign -Create a ‘presence’ in the media
-Take control of media and messages
-Gather interest and momentum about Suitcase Rummage
-Increased use of media as information dissemination
-Credibility and pro-active control of information Nurture relationships
with stakeholders -Build on media presence in lead up to birthday event to build relationships
-Provide incentive to continue to regularly attend the event
-Create community awareness of the event
-Awareness raising and relationship building
-Encourage two way communication with stakeholders through social media Objectives Key Messages To increase media activity by 20% during the next 6 months by taking full control of media mentions to achieve consistency of information

To unify and make consistent, by the end of 2012, the online and social media presence of Suitcase Rummage to ensure that all stakeholders on all platforms can access the same information

To engage key stakeholders in establishing what Suitcase Rummage’s values, mission and vision are through research during October and November’s events Enhance brand Build relationships Increase awareness Devise mission and vision statements plus a set of clear values by December 2012 that reflects Suitcase Rummage’s current ethos and vision

To create an online media kit by February 2013 that contains relevant and up-to-date information about the Suitcase Rummage brand

To communicate the campaign effectively and in a timely manner to all key stakeholders to reduce ambiguity and uncertainty To increase stakeholder engagement and interactions with Suitcase Rummage website and social media pages at the launch of the new website to form long lasting relationships

To encourage new customers to experience Suitcase Rummage in the lead up to its 3rd Birthday in April 2013 through media exposure and key events Unique Research to engage customers Tactics To implement a consistent brand identity and message strategy for Suitcase Rummage that reflects the mini-markets ethos while maintaining and building relationships with current and future stakeholders in Brisbane and other markets. Suitcase rummage is not looking to change its brand over the next 6 months but instead enhance it by creating a consistent strategy. Suitcase Rummage values its relationships with key stakeholders and encourages their participation in the branding campaign over the coming months. Suitcase Rummage is a mini scaled market that supports local entry level entrepreneurs, making the market experience accessible, affordable and fun. As Suitcase Rummage approaches their third birthday, they would like to thank all their key stakeholders for their valued contributions and support over the last three years. One Two Three Four Mission Statement Online presence
Publicity Campaign - Post it notes:“What do you love about Suitcase Rummage?”

- Use to promote, engage, research

- Display online - Consultation with stakeholders: volunteers, founders, council

- Research from customers -Provide correct information regarding their past events, media, publicity, news, etc.

-Run a like us on Facebook social media strategy to get all on the same Facebook page - Celebrate "3 year birthday"

- Guerrilla marketing stunts

- Video customers on the day

- Publicity and media opportunity Behind the Headlines Exit Presentation By: Abigail King The Weekender By: Vidyut Aklujkar as a symbol of Lakshmi's character development. Tradition and Change The Packed Suitcase The Two Suitcases The Empty Suitcase: Symbolizes the emptiness in Lakshmi's life. "She saw her own life yawning in front of her in the form of that empty suitcase." “Lakshmi could recite Hariharan’s routine by heart even in her sleep. There was not much change in the last twelve years.” "White shirts for two days, night clothes, a suit, the little shaving kit with its lotion and after-shave, the file of the conference papers that Hariharan had packed himself, and the morning newspaper he did not get to finish." "'Everything in its place and a place for every little thing,'" “Lakshmi had a place in his home just as his computer had a place on his desk.” Symbolizes the routine of Lakshmi's life. Suitcase Filled with Newspapers Suitcase with Lakshmi's Clothes and Favorite Books Symbolizes Hariharan's values. Symbolizes Lakshmi's values and personal desires. Often times, an individual will defy the conventions of routine and make a significant change in their lives as they begin to value their personal desires. The Motif of (or suitcase) Lakshmi's discontent with her marriage Lakshmi realizes her role in their marriage Lakshmi begins to define her personal opinions and desires Lakshmi defies Hariharan's routine and makes a significant change in her life according to her personal desires and beliefs
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