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TOUR3008 - Understanding Customer Expectations of Service

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Jennifer McClear

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of TOUR3008 - Understanding Customer Expectations of Service

Customers Expect Service Basics:

"Fundamentals, not fanciness
Performance, not empty promises" Customers Want Relationships

"You need to now the service tech.
I should be able to call him directly.
I want to know the tech on a
one-to-one basis"
- Business Equipment Repair Customer

"Agents should come back to you
and ask you if you need more
coverage as your assets
- Auto Insurance Customer

"When employees remember and
recognise you as a regular
customer you feel really
good" - Hotel Customer Understanding Customer Expectations of Service An underlying influence of customer expectations
is price:
"Customers expect service basics delivered
at a level they believe commensurate with
the price they pay" "Genuine customer
are built on the
foundation of fairness,
sincere efforts to
understand and help the
customer, and ongoing
communication" What are the key findings from the article? Customer Service Expectations are
Dual-Levelled and Dynamic:

Adequate service level, and
Desired service level

"Zone of Tolerance" What are the implications from the article? Fair Play:
- Explain policies and practises
- Inform customers more about what they are buying
- Listen and become more sensitive to their expectations
- Build trust Be Reliable:
- Dependability and accuracy of service
- Done right the first time
- Customer expectations increase when service is not performed as promise Manage Promises:
- Customer expectations are influenced by explicit and implicit service promises
- Don’t enhance expectations of a service unless it can be delivered
- Under-promising can be utilised to exceed customer expectations Leverage the Process Dimensions:
- Service process is the key to exceed customer expectations
- Deliver of a service varies – creates competitive advantage/disadvantage
- Helps to assist service failure Build Relationships:
- Enhances customer satisfaction and re-visitation
- Creates trust through employee-customer relationships
- Enlarges customer’s ‘zone of tolerance’ Question 1:
Within the 5 dimensions of service, why is reliability seen as part of the service outcome and not the service process? Question 2:
How are companies able to create loyal customers and build a customer franchise through service? Question 3:
Why are customer expectations
higher in emergency or service-failure
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