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SharePoint Lesson #35: SharePoint List creates Word-Document

Create a Word-Document with SharePoint fields. Requires SharePoint Designer!

Peter Heffner

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of SharePoint Lesson #35: SharePoint List creates Word-Document

Create a Word-Document with the Fields of a List
Example: Create personalised Certificates
Students & Seminars
SharePoint Designer needed for this tutorial!
3 Preparations
Create a List "Students"
Create a Certificate
Create a Workflow
A Custom List for Students.
Additional Field with a collection of the Seminars
A Dropdown-List for assigning
the Seminar to the Student.
Rename the [Title] field
For a better user experience we rename the the field [Title] into [Student Name]
Here we create a new Document Library named "Certificates".
Add some Fields
Add those fields to the Document Library which are used in the Certificate as
"Single line of Text"

Later on we copy the content from the Students List into those fields.
The Certificate Template
The Document Library has a link to the MS-Word-Dokument used as a template.
It can happen that the file "Template.doc" can not be edited via the indicated link.
(Edit Template).
An error message appears.
In that case the file can be edited in Sharepoint-Designer. Skip the next slide to continue with SharePoint Designer.
Edit MS-Word-Template
Here you can design the desired layout of the certificate.

How to add the fields is described in the next slide.
MS-Word will open...
Add Fields
Add the user defined fields in the Document Properties.
SharePoint Designer
Open SharePoint Designer.
Go to the Document Library "Certificates" and find the folder "Forms". This is where the template is stored:
Edit the template with the right mouse button and create your desired layout.
The Workflow can be triggered manually and creates a certificate for the corresponding student.

In SharePoint Designer chose [File] - [New] - [Workflow]:
Create a Workflow
The Workflow should be triggered in the list "Students".
1. Step
[Actions] - [Create list item]
Click "this list".
A dialog box opens.
Select "Certificates":
2. Step
Define the file name of the certificate.
Here the Certificate is named like the seminar.
3. Step
This will pass the name of the student from the list to the document.
4. Step
In the last step the name of the seminar is handed over.
The Workflow is triggered with the right mouse button on the student's name:
The Document Library "Certificates" contains the Certificate for the student and the seminar:
All created Certificates will be hosted in a separate Document Library:
It is also possible to import an existing Word-template into the folder "Forms". A Document Library can only have 1 template.
Create a list with student names and corresponding seminar

Create a Certificate in MS-Word

Add a Workflow to create the certificate for the students

Please find here an overview of all available Presentations:
If you could edit and save the template here, please skip the next slide.
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