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Journey, the North Coast

No description

Nick Carozza

on 1 November 2016

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Transcript of Journey, the North Coast

Journey, the North Coast
Robert Gray Poetry
Next thing
, I wake up in a
swaying bunk

as though on board a

at sea,

and it’s the train that
booms and cracks

the wind apart.

Now the man’s gone

who had the bunk below me. I swing out,

cover his bed and rattle up the sash—

there’s sunlight rotating

off the drab carpet. And the water sways

solidly in its silver basin, so cold

it joins together through my hand.

I see from where I’m bent

One of those bright crockery days

from so much I recall.

The train’s shadow, like a bird’s,

flees on the blue and silver paddocks,

over fences that look split from stone,

and banks of fern,

a red clay bank, full of roots,

over dark creeks, where logs are fallen,

and blackened tree trunks.

Down these slopes move,

as a nude descends a staircase,

slender white eucalypts;

and now the country
open on the sea—

across a
calico beach unfurled

strewn with
flakes of light

that make the compartment

Shuttering shadows
. I
into the mirror

. I’ll leave my hair

a bit,
the book and wash-bag

and city clothes. Everything done,

the latches into the case,

that for twelve months have been standing out

of a morning, above the wardrobe

in a furnished room.

implies a sense of adventure or quest

North coast:
holiday destination,escape/haven
Medias Res: Mid story
Creates sense of immediacy/tension
Colloquial: reminiscent of a child
Simile/Alliteration (clipper & clambering)
Sense of disorientation
Onomatopoeia (aural imagery)
together with verb 'tears'
Captures furious/forceful pace of train
Tone of excitement
First person perspective
Allows reader an intimate/personalised view of events
Descriptive language evokes a tactile image of a persona who is disoriented and affacted beyond their control
Active verbs/onomatopoeia: Highlights tension/anxiousness
Juxtaposition between interior and exterior world

Nature penetrating 'drab' environment
Captures moment as if time has slowed down
Metaphor: Alters tone
Memories of past as carefree and contented
Reinforces overwhelming speed of train

'bird' symbolic of freedom/taking flight
(physically and emotionally through reflection)

Indicative of escape
Shift in tone: imagery now dominated by light and colour
Speaker mesmerised by natural environment
Simile: impression of an enduring landscape where time has stood still
Focalised experience
Memory activated through senses
Nostalgic/iconic image of Australian

Alludes to environment as potentially
threatening, yet with an inherent beauty
Intertextuality/allusion (Duchamp-cubist painting)
Imagist approach to poetry
Used to emphasise light and colour of landscape
Sensuous beauty of environment
Verb choice:
Exudes sense of exhilaration and expectation
Metaphor: accentuates saturation of colour and light as well as sense of elation

Metaphor: elaborates on elated mood and excitable tone
Choice of verb:
emphasises the affect of
natural environment on the speaker stirring
a feeling of vitality and wonder
Alliteration: relfection of interaction with nature
affects individual

'rise', 'rested', 'ruffled'
Reinforces how speaker is
revitalised by experience
Alludes to urban lifestyle/experience
S of oppressive/stilted existence

Juxtaposed with the array of sensory experiences offered through nature

Insinuates a connection to a more authentic self
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