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Rise of Hitler and Mussolini

No description

David Fox

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Rise of Hitler and Mussolini

1. What promises do politicians make when they want people's approval?

2.What do people want to hear from politicians?

3. Can you trust the words of politicians? Explain.
What do you think?
Our objective is to compare and contrast the rise to power of Hitler and Mussolini.
True or False?
1. Germany had really high unemployment in the 1930s.
5. Italy also was affected by the Great Depression and had high unemployment.
4. Germany was a country with little national pride.
3. Italy was upset because they did not receive as much land as they expected after World War I.
2. Germany was forced to pay reparations to other countries after World War I.
Fascism (fash-iz-um)
Make a Prediction
What types of promises will help bring Mussolini to power in Italy and Hitler to power in Germany?
Read each paragraph and answer the question in complete sentences in your NOTEBOOK.
"Mussolini Takes Control

1) What did Italians want their new leader to do?
3) How did Mussolini take power?
2) How did Mussolini win widespread support?
Il Duce's Leadership
4) What did Mussolini do in hopes of gaining total control?
Read each paragraph SILENTLY and answer the question in complete sentences in your NOTEBOOK.
Rise of the Nazis (p. 478)
1) What were the main goals of the Nazi party?

2) Why was Hitler chosen as the fuhrer?

3) What were Hitler's goals?

4) What world event allowed Hitler to gain a lot of power in Germany?
What economic problems allowed him to rise to power?
How did communism and democracies allow him to rise to power?
Stay silent until all quizzes have been collected.
Extreme Nationalism
Authoritarian Leader
Uniforms, Rallies, Salutes
No Elections
Yes to Social Class
Take Notes
Why were people in his country disappointed?
How did violence allow him to rise to power?
Mussolini Takes Control p 476-477
"While in jail... shocked Germans into total obedience." p. 478-479
How we
How were their rises to power similar?
How were they different?
Create a Campaign Advertisement for...
... include...
... why the people of _____ need a change.
... how he will solve economic issues
... what might happen if people do not vote for him
... other promises he would make
What needs to change?
How will it be changed?
What needs to change?
How will it be changed?
Present Your Ad
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