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Hot Chocolate Chemistry!

No description

Cassandra Imgrund

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Hot Chocolate Chemistry!

Hot chocolate!
Main Ingredient: Chocolate
Hot Chocolate Chemistry!
How does Chocolate Work?
~it turns the foods brown because that is the color of the cocoa beans, which chocolate is made up of
Where does it come from?
~Theobroma Cacao tree
Dangers of Chocolate?
~too much chocolate can lead to obesity
Why is hot chocolate associated with Christmas?
~it's hot, which warms us up after being out in the cold
History of Hot Chocolate.
~Hot chocolate was around even before regular chocolate was
What does chocolate do?
~gives foods a distinct flavor
Scientific Formula: C7H8N4O2
Scientific Name: Theobroma Cacao
~proven to be healthy for your heart in small quantitiies
~gives foods a brown color
~it naturally has a distinct taste, therefore it's easy to tell when a food or drink has chocolate in it
~pronounced "Ka-Kow"; opposed to "Co-co"
~the high sugar content can cause diabetes
~many of the chemicals added to chocolate aren't good for the body
~it was a sacred beverage long, long ago
Interesting Facts
~hot chocolate has been around for over 2000 years
~created by Mayans
~it used to be used to treat stomach diseases
~the world's largest cup of hot chocolate was made by Nestle (634.01 gallons)
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