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How Does a Students Culture Affect Reading?

READ 3327

Natalie Ceballos

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of How Does a Students Culture Affect Reading?

Culture & Reading, is
there a connection? How does Culture affect Reading?

READ 3327
Mrs. Garza
March 24,2011
Jackie Reyna
Natalie Ceballos
Saul Hinojosa
Aime Mendoza What is culture? originates from the latin word cultura, as in "agri cultura" cultivation of soil. Culture is a learned system of meaning, communicated by means of nature, language and other symbols. Cultural norms are the collective expectations of what constitutes "proper" or "improper" behavior in a given situation.
Ex: How we eat, how we introduce ourselves, and show gratitude. Characteristics of Culture
* individualism
*communcation variations Parents educational expectations for their children are part of the
variables that seem to be most important to children academic performance. Their expectations have consistently been a strong perdictor of children achievement at all age levels.
(Kaplan pg.360) A relationship exists between a parents educational expectations for their children and their own educational achievement.
Parents with high self esteem tend to be more
respected by their children therefore they are more
likely to communicate high educational expectations. Parents with low levels of self esteem are much more self involved and much less absorbed with the needs of their children. In other words the way parents feel about themselves determines to some extent, the degree to which their children are inclined to follow, adopt, or internalized their parents expectations. Mexican American Students
and their reluctance to read... 1. Verbally oriented
2. Low social economic status
3. Machismo
4. Entertainment = verbal interaction A child with its cultural background differs significantly
from that of the school culture regards the school, teacher,
and principle with hosility.He misbehaves in the school
because he does not understand school expectations or
because he values his own culture more then the schools.
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