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Comparatives and Superlatives

No description

Laura Garcia

on 13 February 2017

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Transcript of Comparatives and Superlatives

Use the comparative form to show the difference between two objects. Use the superlative form when speaking about three or more objects to show which object is 'the most' of some quality. Q: Tom plays golf ______ than Harry.

a. good
b. the best
c. better
d. more better Q: My father is ______ than your father!
a. funny
b. funnier
c. more funnier
d. most funniest Q: This week's test is as ______ as last week's test.
a. difficult
b. more difficult
c. difficulter
d. much difficult Q: New York is ______ than Portland.
a. expensiver
b. more expensive
c. the most expensive
d. the more expensivest Q: Beethoven composed _______ music in the world.
a. most beautiful
b. the most beautiful
c. the beautifullest
d. the more beautifuller Q: This cake is ______ I have ever eaten.
a. the most good
b. the most best
c. the goodest
d. the best For the comparative form:

One syllable adjectives -> adj + er
Adjectives ending in y -> adj + ier
Multisyllable adjectives -> more + adjective How is the "comparative" form built? One syllable adjectives ----> longER Two syllable adjectives that end in -y -----> funnIER Other two and three syllable adjectives -----> MORE modern Irregular adjectives (like "good") ------> better Irregular adjectives (like "good") ------> best One syllable adjectives -----> longEST Other two and three syllable adjectives ------> MOST modern Two syllable adjectives that end in -y -----> funnIEST The most bestestest grammar lesson
in all of English ever. taller faster funnier angriest more likely best fluffier smartest longest drearier more daring more tired most ridiculous more awesome greater In English, we use the comparative and superlative forms to
compare and contrast different objects. The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is than my car. cooler This dog is sad. This dog is sadder. THIS IS THE SADDEST DOG IN THE WORLD. How is the "superlative" form built? For the superlative form:

One syllable adjectives -> the + adj + est
Adjectives ending in y -> the + adj + iest
Multisyllable adjectives -> the most + adjective Nice job! Comparative Faster Hungrier More exhausting More fascinating More interesting Thirstier Happier Greener Safer More thoughtful More stubborn Sweeter Higher Superlative Truest Most fabulous Bluest Shortest Most handsome Most excited Brightest Smartest Most prepared Most polite Stickiest Softest You're the BEST! Practice
Time! Superlatives! Heck yeah,
I did. Q: Chuck is the _________ accordion
player I know.

a. more talented
b. talenteder
c. talented
d. most talented
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