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No description

sophie brown

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Minecraft

What is Minecraft?
Minecraft is what’s called a sandbox game. The player creates the game themselves by manipulating the world within it.

Creative Mode
Where players have unlimited resources to build and the ability to fly.

It is a game where you dig and craft different kinds of 3D blocks.

There are no specific steps or goals so everyone playing the game is having a different experience.

Adventure mode where players play custom maps created by others
Survival Mode
Players aquire resources to build the world and maintain their health.
So how beyond the 'Fun Factor' could we use Minecraft in classrooms?
Provided the students are interested in the task, they are engaged and we know this tends to lead to achievement.
To be successful students using Minecaft need to

solve problems

Using language

Symbols and text

Managing Self

Relating to others

Participating and Contributing
Recreate exsisting structures
Build new structures
Create a structure that meets a particular brief
Use an event in Minecraft as a hook into writing
Students replay a story they have read.
Teach concepts in maths, science.
Use blocks to teach scale
Information Technology
What does the teacher need to know.......
Minecraftedu tutorial
Introduce it to students
Let a student expert take the lead and let
students have a go.
Have a general idea of the game
Establish class rules around trust, caring, honesty
I like Minecraft
Minecraft is cool
How could Minecraft be used in the classroom
Classical Knowledge

Community Knowledge

Critical Knowledge
Monica Kern
MinecraftEDU software
They need to apply all the N.Z key competencies
Link to Te Ara Poutama
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