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Self Driving Car

No description

Indu Poudel

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Self Driving Car

Driverless Car
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Driverless Cars
Presentation overview
Man Vs Machine
Disagreement & point of tension
Driverless cars are certainly the future.
Consumer acceptance
Infrastructure Investment
Legal and regulatory impairments

Integrity Technology
Tracing the history
1939 :

New York World's Fair
The concept of first autonomous
1958: Chevrolet's road test
Vehicle that can sense the current of a wire in the road &steer itself
1977 : Tsukuba Mechanical Engineering
Laboratory in Japan
Used analogue computing to process signals speeds up to 30 km/h (18.6 mph)
1987-1995 : Series of project on autonomous car
research towards vision-based technologies rather than signal-based.
2004 ; DARPA Grand Challenge
15 vehicles competed in a 150-mile challenge to promote the development of autonomous cars
2010 : Google driver less car
More than 140,000 miles with fleet of autonomous Toyota Prius hybrids
2011 : First Law allowing driver less vehicles
Some U.S. states begin to introduce legislation
2012 : Towards mass Production
Major car manufacturers, volkswagen, Audi, BMW, GM, Volvo are testing autonomous technologies for fully autonomous car production
Thank you!!
2013 : UK government paves way for driverless cars
The government has announced that it wants to make the UK a world center for the development of driverless cars.
Cost barriers
Consumer perception
Liability confusion
Technological hurdles
are pushing toward driverless cars
Volvo plans pilot driverless cars on the roads of Gothenburg, Sweden in
Nissan recently announced that it would sell driverless cars by
According to the Economist, BMW has been testing driverless cars in Munich.
Bharath MOVVA
Farida Begum ISMAIL,

Replacing a human is a hugely difficult task.
Some investors are getting sucked in.
Driverless cars will eliminate the need for car insurance in the near future.
Driverless cars are going to be slower in coming than predicted by Kuhn, Brin, Musk, or Ghoson, major scientist, investors and car manufacturer.
There are still big technological hurdles, which could take decades longer than expected to solve.
Technological barriers are only half the battle. A host of other challenges, such as cost, consumer perception, regulation, and liability concerns, are likely to slow down the spread of truly driverless cars.
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