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Warp and Warner

Film companies and distribution

gemma Thornton

on 6 February 2012

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Transcript of Warp and Warner

Film Companies Warp Films Warp Records Is a pioneering English record company founded
in 1989 in Sheffield notable for discovering some
of the most enduring artists in electronic music. Warp Films A sister company to Warp Records founded in 1999 with funding from Nesta and launching it self in 2001. Warp films won its first BAFTA for its very first production
Chris Morris’ film debut My Wrongs. Since then Warp have become more high profile due to Nottingham based Shane Meadows, whose masterpieces Dead Man’s Shoes and This Is England have enjoyed widespread success.
This is England winning best British film in 2008. Shane Meadows 2009 sees development on more features with directors Chris Morris Started work as a radio presenter, he worked producingspo of comedys on radio four.
He has worked with the likes of Steve Coogan, Richard Herring and Stephen Lee.
He started producing television programmes for Channel four, the first being Brass Eye which became known for tricking celebrities and politicians into throwing support behind public awareness campaigns for made-up issues that were often absurd or surreal (such as a drug called cake and an elephant with its trunk stuck up its anus).
In 2005 he produced a sitcome Nathan Barley and more notiably The IT Crowd.
Chris Morris has just produced the film FOur lions due to be released in May. Richard Ayoade and Paul King Possibly both are best known for their work
to do with The Mighty Boosh.
Richard Ayoada has also worked on The IT Crowd and he has worked wih Noel Fielding both acting and scripting for The Mighty Boosh.
Paul King is known for his directing in The Mighty Boosh and has recently completed his first film 'Bunny and The Ball'. Warp X To understand who Warp is, what type of films they produce and who disributes them. Warp X is a pioneering new digital film studio
based in Sheffield, with offices in Nottingham
and London, and is allied to Warp Films and
Warp Records.
Warp X harnesses cutting edge digital technology
and low budget production methods to make
high value movies that can reach cinema audiences
across the world. Warp X is a brand new venture in the British film industry
- a sustainable digital studio that is driven by creative talent
and a dynamic digital business model that rewards everyone
involved in the films. Our financiers have agreed that creative
talent should share in the gross revenue of any film once the
commission and expenses of distributors and sales agents
have been deducted. Slate one was managed and produced by Warp X for the Low
Budget Feature Film Scheme set up by UK Film Council’s
New Cinema Fund and Film4 to revitalise the low-budget
sector of the British film industry. Our other key financial
backers were EM Media and Screen Yorkshire. Optimum
Releasing were closely involved in the development process
and distribute the films theatrically and on DVD in the UK.
Channel 4 take UK television rights. The current slate is
being funded until the end of 2010 by the UK Film Council’s
New Cinema Fund, Film4, Screen Yorkshire and Optimum Releasing. Warp X wants to make exhilarating films
with outstanding new and established
creative talent. Genre movies with an
original twist and creative signature. We passionately want to re-tox British cinema with an injection of adventure. Toxic movies that are an antidote to the prevailing diet of blandness and repeated formulas.

We want our films to be fuelled by irresistible stories, and extraordinary, even exotic, worlds. To challenge and entertain contemporary British and international cinema audiences.

The films have to be made digitally and on budgets between £400,000 - £800,000. So we need movies that can be made faster, leaner, lighter - with no excess baggage. That way the films will become profitable much quicker. She, A Chinese Warp X is a separate company from Warp Films, and was set up to exclusively manage and co-produce films for the Low Budget Feature Scheme tendered by UK Film Council and Film4 in 2005. Both companies share the same office space and some support staff to make them as resource efficient as possible. A complete history of my sexual failures So what can we learn about Warp?
Discussion points:
What are the type of films do they fund?
What types of film do they distribute?
Would they fund and distribute a film like four weddings and a funeral? Why not?
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