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Chisholm House Meeting Week 1

No description

Andrew Kenneally

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Chisholm House Meeting Week 1

MEETING LOVE COMPASSION SERVICE COURAGE House Prayer Heavenly Father, in your boundless love you always provide for your people. In Caroline Chisholm you gave us a role model, dedicated to nurturing the women and families of this growing nation,
implanting in us a concern for the dignity of all.
Let her life of selfless concern
be a model and an inspiration
for Christian people today.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.
Amen Chisholm Learning Advisors Stage 6
Mrs. Byron
Miss. Fennell
Mr. Low

Stage 5
Miss. Belshaw
Mrs. Roberts
Mr. Scerri
Mr. Young

Stage 4
Miss. Galinac
Mrs. Hill
Mr. Steep
Mr. MacKillop
Mr. Kenneally
Mrs. Lane Respect learning self others environment I have the right to learn and the responsibility to actively engage in learning and to support the learning of others I have the right to be listened to and to fair treatment and the responsibility to listen to others and to understand their perspective I have the right to be included and to contribute to our community and the responsibility to interact with others in ways that build our community I have the right to have my property respected and the responsibility to protect the environment, community resoiurces and the property of others 2011 yvjyyky
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