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Sébastien Del Grosso

No description

Mallory Charette

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Sébastien Del Grosso

Here are some examples of Del Grosso's work. I have included 'normal' photography and his famous combination art.
S.D.G-Examples of Work
'Drawing has always been my passion, but after discovering photography, I thought the combination of my two passions would allow me to do something a little out of the ordinary.'
"I try to present things in a realistic way, as if my sketches had given birth to reality."
-Mallory Charette
-17 Years of Age
-Lives in Canada
-Has a love for history including the art, music, fashion, etc. of all different time periods.
-Attends Kennedy C. I.
-Loves Scouting, Guiding, and the outdoors.
Sébastien Del Grosso feels as though art should come alive. He's main focus is too create something unique and captivating while still incorporating his two passions in life, photography and drawing. His art seems to be realistic even with the sketch part of the photographs.
Media Arts FSE
Digital Artists-Self Portraits
Sébastien Del Grosso-Biography
"I enjoy the progression of time that present in my self portrait. I believe that is accurately displays my love for history and the history of photography that is also present."
"I believe I was able to show many different decades and how they were all connected but different."
"The group known as 'Pentatonix' greatly inspired my self portrait with their song, 'Evolution of Music', being the song of the presentation."
-32 Years of age
-Lives in France
-Loved visual arts as a child
-Found photography and decided to combine his two passions together, drawing and photography.
I decided to create this piece based off of my love for history and the change over time. I was inspired while listening to a medley of music from all different time periods and decided to create this self portrait due to the fact that I knew every song that was a part of the medley. I believe this an accurate representation of my personality.
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