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Study Skills

No description

Isabella21 Sofia21

on 13 July 2013

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Transcript of Study Skills

By Catherine McNamara
Study Skills
And Julia Tangorra
Tips For Organization
Always Clean Out Binder
Don't Hoard Garbage
Write in your planner (I know you don't want to but it has to happen)
Be prepared
Have folders for different subjects
Always Have A Clean and Orderly Room
Ding! Ding! Ding!
Here that bell? Yup, time for our next subject
Tips For Doing Your Homework The Correct Way
Find quiet place to do your homework
Always study your textbook
If you don't understand ask an adult, they won't bite
it would help if you have a healthy snack and water by your homework station
Whut whut yeah you heard me the train has left the homework station because it is time for our next subject.
Time Management

Rainbow Style! )
Always plan your time
Decide how long you think it will take to finish an assignment

Make a schedule for the day
Make time at the end to double check your homework
Take time to have breaks in between assignments
Always have time for your family
Next subject is here and it is called GOAL SETTING!!
Setting goals
Instead of tips here are some quotes
In life
as in football
you won
t go far unless you know where your going
"- Arnold Glasgow
You must have long term goals to keep you from being frustrated by short term failures

Charles C. Noble
When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached
t adjust the goals
adjust the action steps
" - Confucius
I hope those gave you a few ideas of goal setting
It is our last subject but every kid's worst nightmare. There is a reason behind, follow these steps, then we will SPLAT out the reason and see if it helps.
Steps for test taking
What to do: Funny version
Step 1: Study
Step 2: Get good nights rest
Step 3: Go to school
Step 4: Sit in chair
Step 5: Have friend slap you so you will wake up
Step 6: Pick up pencil
Step 7: Never guess but do what your gut says(but if your gut says jump off a bridge...Don't)
Step 8: Hand in
Step 9: if fail... Move on with life
Step 10: there is no step 10
Okay, Okay, now lets
get serious
Real tips for test taking
Arrive early and take a moment to relax and reduce your anxiety. This brief time period will boost your confidence
Read ALL the instructions carefully
Keep a steady pace
Don't let hard questions affect your attitude
Rely on your knowledge, don't watch for patterns
Use your remaining time effectively
Okay here's the spill...lots of kids (including us) are worried that they won't do a good job... like if you are studying and you're worried you might be over excited and study too much that you don't really get it you just look at the words . Or they just don't concentrate on directions. That's why you need to be organized , you need to plan your time given, study homework that could be used as a study guide, take these good test taking tips and reach your goal of an A+.
Yeah, wee, fun, yahoo
The End ...
Thank God!

Yo Yo Yo Yo Julia this is Cate
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