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Ted Rogers & His Leadership Style

No description

Victoria Graham

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Ted Rogers & His Leadership Style

Ted Rogers & His Leadership Style
Ted Rogers was born in in May of 1933 he had many accomplishments in life and he was a very successful man. He was well educated and had the ability to be a great leader. He passed with a congestive heart condition later on.
("Sootoday Ted Rogers Jr: 1933-2008 Article")
Leadership Traits
Ted Rogers, over his career has obtained the motivation to succeed in the business field as he has the knowledge to back him up. He has the self-confidence to help him along the way and ability to keep going.
Leadership Style
Ted Rogers has a democratic Leadership style. A democratic Leader often acts as a resource person however is committed to the task and people.Democratic leaders ofoten keep the staff informed and they encourage to take part in decisions that are to be made yet stays in control of the group.

Table Of Contents
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Biography ............................Slide 3
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Leadership Traits................Slide 5
Leadership Style.................Slide 6
Leadership Style................Slide 7
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Leader-Ship Styles
Some of Ted Rogers accomplishments include earning his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto in 1956 and was awarded an LL.B. in 1961 from Osgoode Hall Law School and was called to the bar of Ontario on April 13, 1962. He eventually became one of the wealthiest mans alive
.("Sootoday Ted Rogers Jr: 1933-2008 Article")

Leadership Style
Ted Rogers, was an extraordinary leader and entrepreneur. He was the kind of person that thrived on risk as much as reward.He was consider an work-aholic he cared for his employees and valued their input and therefore involved each employee in a different manner which he believed led to maximum success in the business world. He had the knowledge to negotiate deals which he considered to be life he valued what he did and enjoyed it. Ted was an extraordinary leader because he realized to succeed in the business field he could not do it on his own but rather need the help for his employees.
Work Cited
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