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T, Lenz- Jack Merridew- Pd1

Theo Lenz

Neil Sullivan

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of T, Lenz- Jack Merridew- Pd1

Picture of Jack:
Jack can be seen here leading some of the schoolboys
Jacks Second Most Important Action
Jack is the one who decides to increase the order in the society
"We'll have rules!" Jack says this on page 33
Jacks Most Important Action
"Jack's in charge of the choir... what do you want them to be?'...'Hunters." Page 23
This event may not seem to be much yet in this, Jack establishes himself as a leader and creates classes, in one simple action. This also helps with the problem of obtaining food.
Thank you!
What does Jack look like?
Jack is a schoolboy who is any where from 8-12 years old
"... he was tall, thin, and bony; and his hair was red beneath the black cap. His face was crumpled and freckled..." Page 20
Jack Merridew, A Natural Leader
By Theo Lenz
Jack Leading the Hunters
Jacks Third Most Important Action
In chapters 1-2, Jack is the one who discovers where the boys landed
"Jack pointed down 'That's where we landed." Page 29
There it is!
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