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KRCC Board Presentation


Robert Stein

on 26 January 2017

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Transcript of KRCC Board Presentation

Building a Transformational Board
Lisa Ondak
Senior Consultant

January 26, 2017
The Institutional Case Statement
Why do donors give?

5. Community responsibility/pride
4. Regard for leadership
3. Fiscal stability of institution
2. Respect for institution locally

(Jerold Panas,
Mega Gifts
1. Belief in mission, vision and values of the organization
What Do Potential Donors Want to Know?
Why your mission/program is so vital?
Why are you uniquely qualified/experienced in fulfilling your mission?
Why is it urgent?
Why you need donors/investment?
Why should I give?
What will my gift accomplish?
Building the Development Plan
Assessment of current activities
Major giving
Planned/estate giving
Looking at your current donors
Expanding your donor community
Your Major Giving Program
Develop a portfolio of prospects capable of making major philanthropic gifts
Current donors
Board contacts
Other affiliate contacts
Build a committee to work with the management team in
Where Do You Go from Here?
Define your fundraising board
Commit to individual and collective goals
Establish expectations and accountability for board members
Build a work model for CEO/Board activity
Receive coaching and training for asks
The Future
Isn't What it
Used to Be

91.5 KRCC
is positioned to be successful
in philanthropy
CPB funding...Uncertain
Public media competition
Constantly evolving technology
Need for "real" news & information
Local connection
True Philanthropy:
the last great
of financial support
for Public Media
Five- and six-figure
gifts need to be the
New Normal
Must Be
Prime Directive
You must have a PLAN
with Accountability
Most Importantly
Aligning the Vision:
Suggestions for Your Board Development Plan

Give - Ask - Give more - Ask again
Always think: 91.5 KRCC
Fundraising is a contact sport
Only purposeful activities
$373.3 billion
$264.6 billion
$31.8 billion
Major Giving is a long-term investment
33% increase in giving for FY17 through December 2016 for 91.5 KRCC
Strategic planning
Vision for the future
Giving USA 2016: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2015
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