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Juiced Life Australia China Collaboration [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 14 August 2017

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Transcript of Juiced Life Australia China Collaboration [Shared]

Juiced Life
Australia China Collaboration
Juiced Life
Highpoint Store Grand Opening
Juiced Life
Kids Animation
Product Evolution
Expanded Product Range
Product Evolution
Initial Product Range
Product Evolution
Introduction of New Packs
Product Evolution
What's to Come
1 Day Revitalisation
3 Day Revitalisation
5 Day Revitalisation
7 Day Revitalisation
More packs (Fitness packs, collagen/beauty pack, bridal pack)
More bowls (Buddha bowls)
Premium organic range
Cold brew coffee and kombucha tea
Order Taking
Display & Touchscreens
Loyalty Program
Detailed store and group level reporting
Store Performance
Member details and order history
Easy to use
Orders can be fully customised
Advanced discounting
Order Taking
Self-service in store point of sale
Nutritional information
Centrally managed digital menus and marketing
Display & Touch Screens
Earn and spend points
Signup members instore
Scan members QR code
Loyalty Program
Marketing: Offers and education
Supply from farms direct to Juiced Life – LOWER COGS
Production Filling Line
Seamless integration of production line to lower cost of production and to achieve economies of scale
Production Filling Line
Production Filling Line
Cold Pressed technologies
Matching Quantity of all section of production
Blow Mould & Injection Mould
High Pressure Processing technologies –
Packaging/Palletising Machine
Seamless integration into production line.
Packaging options – Boxed.
Refrigeration storage.
Filling Line
Can accommodate up to 18,000 BPH in one seamless integrated production line
HPP Process
Longer shelf-life and safer food products.
Taste not modified. 
Nutritional quality preserved. 
Juice can last up to 3 months in most cases pending PH Values, up to 5 months in other food types.
Sourcing Ingredients
Juiced Life inventory – over 50 ingredients.
Fresh fruit and vegetables – sourced from Australian suppliers.
Frozen/Dry goods – sourced in China but held to Australian standards.
Warehouse/Office Space
Duplication of Sydney office.
Colourful, hip and funky to match our brand.
Work environment where employees feel relaxed and at home in order to get the most out of them.
Production Kitchen
Quality of equipment
Work flow
Design is extremely important
Nutritionists Station/Office
Our nutritionists are the heart and soul of our products
Creating a station for customers to personally engage them is very important (the design must match the juiced life theme)
Personal training area/group classes
Fitness is a big part of the Juiced Life lifestyle so it must be an engaging experience
Warehouse centre
Area for packaging
Area for dry goods
Cool room for fruit and veg
Freezer room for frozen goods
First Store Concept
Predicted traffic will determine whether the store is a kiosk or shopfront
Prep area and wash up area designed based on expected sales and customers.
Layout consistent with the Australian operations.
Sourcing Equipment
Cold press units
Must be to the standards of our current brands in Australia.
New app for China
Convert WeChat users to Juiced Life app users
Better marketing opportunities
Chinese Translations for the POS
Support for Chinese payment gateways – Alipay, Chinapay/Unionpay, etc..
Associate member account with WeChat ID
WeChat | wēixìn |
A new official Juiced Life service account will be created
Order via WeChat – pickup or delivery (e.g. ele.me )
Member login
Find nearby stores
View product info
Website - juicedlife.cn
New website for China
Member login
Informational – no e-commerce outside of WeChat
Access from anywhere
Multi device responsive design
Servers and databases for the POS and other services will be based in China
IT Team
Chinese based IT team will be created with skills in:
App development
Government Funded
Face to Face
Partial funded
International (CRICOS)
Fee for Service
Face to Face
Short Courses
RPL and Skills Recognition
Delivery methods
Face to face
On the job training
Domestic and international
Profitability of stores
Store sale price
Australian competitor stores for sale
Australian competitor stores for sale
Franchisee interest in Juiced Life
Northland Shopping Centre
The Glen
Pacific Werribee Shopping Centre
Accommodation for international students
Expansion into other countries
Juiced Life Cart
Production for Chinese market
"To make a positive difference in people's attitudes towards a healthier lifestyle for now and for the generations to come"
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