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Castle Defenses in the Middle ages

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on 15 November 2016

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Transcript of Castle Defenses in the Middle ages

Castle Defenses in the Middle Ages

Defense Systems
The Most Dangerous Weapon of All....A TOILET
The toilet was a weapon in the Middle Ages. It emptied into the moat, which made it very unpleasant for any intruders who were stupid enough to walk through it.
What the Defense Systems Did
A moat was filled with waste from the toilets in the castle to keep intruders from tunneling into the castle.
The gatehouses of a castle were the most vulnerable places in a castle, but they were protected by the barbican.
The barbican was an extension on the gatehouse that had murder holes, arrow slits, and traps for any intruders.
An outer curtain wall was a stone wall which wrapped around the outside of the castle.
Why Its There
The defenses in a medieval castle include the outer curtain wall, moats, gatehouses, and barbican. There were more defenses than this in a castle, but these were in a standard castle.
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