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E-Commerce Business Models


Alin Rizea

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of E-Commerce Business Models

The changes buffering marketers in the digital era are not incremental..
The Future of E-Commerce and Technology
Overview of e-commerce and the role of technology
The future of e-commerce and technology
The role of e-commerce within a global marketplace
Introduction: What is E-Commerce?
Delivering information electronically
Exchange of data to facilitate business transactions
Global Reach
Universal Standards
The role of e-commerce within global marketplace
- they are fundamental.
It is true that, technologies such as TV Commerce, Radio Commerce, Direct Mail Commerce, Railroad Commerce or Highway Commerce had profound impacts on commerce in the twentieth century.

Overview of E-Commerce

Mobile Commerce

Near Field Communication technologies
E-Commerce Business Models
Alin Rizea

According to Laudon and Traver (2011), e-commerce represents "the use of the Internet and World Wide Web to transact business. More formally, digitally enabled comercial transactions between and among organisations and individuals". (Laudon and Traver, 2011, p.47)
However, the reason why many businesses became more interested in e-commerce over time is because it has been proved that is more effective and powerful than other technologies.
1994 - E-Commerce was just a vision.
2010 - E-Commrece has been reinvented twice.
Four main ways technology can now help businesses become successful:

Potential for increased revenue
Cost reduction
Better and faster delivery service
Ability to collect information about customers and competitors
In conclusion, it is fair to say that e-commerce and technology played and will continue to play an important role within the business world. It is a powerful a tool which enables cost cutting, improving quality and speed of delivery, more personalised messages for segmented, targeted markets and more importantly collecting information about customers and competitors
Thank you! :)
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