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Who was reponsible for Becket's death?

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Douglas Clapp

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Who was reponsible for Becket's death?

1154 Henry becomes King of England He made Becket his chief advisor, as they were best friends.
Together they made England strong and a fairer place Henry noticed that the Church Courts were not fair,
and he had no control over them. So in 1161 he made Becket the Archbishop of Canterbury, so that together they could control the Church Courts and get Henry more power...... .... but Becket became devoted to God and refused to help Henry. After a few years as Archbishop, Becket finally made a stand against Henry's policies and refused to give him more power over the Church. Knowing how mad Henry got when he was angry, Becket decided to flee, and ran away to France! Henry retaliated by saying that the Archbishop of York would crown the next king of England..... which was Becket's job as Archbishop of Canterbury!! but in 1170, Henry and Becket made up and Becket returned to England so everything was ok then......? sadly not.
Becket broke his promise and within days of returning sacked all the Bishops who has supported the King, and asked the Pope to punish them! When hearing of what Becket had done, Henry flew into one of his famous rages.... he rolls on the floor like a mad-man "Are you all cowards? Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?"
Henry shouts.... Murder in Canterbury Cathedral
... why was Becket killed in 1170? Four knights overhear the King. Wishing for favour, they ride off to Canterbury to deal with Becket.... When he heard that the 4 Knights were off to Canterbury, Henry tried to stop them.... .... but it was too late Henry was extremely saddened by the brutal murder.
He punished the Knights, and he punished himself. A shrine to Becket was created at Canterbury.
Destroyed in 1538, this is what still stands today to commemorate St. Becket So.... Who was responsible for the death of Thomas Becket? Was it The Four Knights? King Henry II? Becket himself? You decide............ LO: to understand who was responsible for the death of Thomas Becket

Key Word
Archbishop - most important man in the English Church who ran it for the pope

Why was it important for Henry II to keep things friendly with the Church? Henry II & Becket Task
Write a mini-essay answer to the question:
'The Four Knights were responsible for the death of Thomas Becket. How far do you agree?'

1) Introduction - what happened?
2) Agree - the Knights were to blame
3) Disagree - Henry II and/or Becket are to blame
4) Conclusion - answer the question Extension
Imagine you are a monk in Canterbury Cathedral. Write a story explaining what happened to Thomas Becket in 1170. Plenary

I think that ____________________ is the most responsible for Becket’s death. This is because………......... Your H/W

what have you found out about Henry II? make sure you have
- Point
- Evidence
- Explain
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