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The Moon Phases

No description

Jorman Negron

on 20 March 2017

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Transcript of The Moon Phases

Phases of the Moon
Today we will be learing about the different moon phases and why we have moon phases.
Crescent Moon
A thin curved shaped thats thicker in the middle and tapers to thin points at each end, like a sliver of moon you might notice in the sky.
Quarter Moon
The moon looks half illuminated. They're two of the first quarter or last quarter
Gibbous Moon
A large portion of the moon is shown. Any moon that is shown half lighted but less then full.
Each moon phases goes through the same phase twice. A waxing and a waning. Waxing is when the moon is "growing" and Waning is when the moon is "shrinking"

The phases happen because the position of the moon and sun.
New Moon
It the phase that the moon is invisiable to us here on Earth. It is because the moon betweeen the Earth and the sun and the illumanated side is facing away from the earth.
Full Moon
When the moon is fully illuminated from our perspective on Earth. The Earth is lined up with the sun and moon, with the Earth in the middle.
The Moon Phases
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